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Three games in short with the P2W option by 37Games

It has been a while since a review was posted, for some reason I wanted to review three games that do occasionally focus more on P2W (pay-to-win) than on the game mechanics.

Even though the games are playable they lack playability. Something not found in many games today. In a way creating a P2W option to force players to spend an insane amount of their money. So, for now, let’s look into the three P2W games that do keep players paying more than actually playing them.

  • Felspire


  • NightFalls

  • Guardians of Divinity

Each of these titles is made by 37Games.

Even if the games work as they should, there is, however, a small problem. When playing for an hour the games will repeatedly ask you to upgrade your VIP.

By creating a VIP account the game gives you a lot of different game styles. Letting players choose from a number of diverse experiences. Though it is a classic click and play the on strategic sight, its mechanics are very similar to most games. Making it the same game as any other you played before. The only problem with these three games is that you need to pay money to unlock more options for a better experience of the game.

However… to trigger this, players have to reach a certain level in their account, to not being able to advance any further. As a result, the game will repeatedly ask for you to upgrade.

The basics of the game implies players to have a taste of the game before they are going to keep asking them to upgrade. Resulting in a P2W event.

Therefore paying creates for most players the problem not being able to play it for a long time. Forcing players to buy with money VIP packs to increase their stats more efficiently, creating a gap between being playable for fun or for money purposes only.

(Three games with the same purchase option)

Without any consent towards the players who can, even without purchases,  get the items in-game. In bigger quantities from monsters. So here are the problems of all three games since they have the similar goal of having players rather buy than actually play for. All three of the games rather concentrate on making more events to pay for than fixing the games of any bugs found.

In short, the games we are looking at named, Fellspire, NightFalls, and Dragonblood. All fall in the last category of being a trustful game.

Forcing players to make with real money purchases, they can improve the servers as so they say.

Creating a vortex of the P2W to the next level for years to come.



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