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A new web series explores the reality of running an indie studio

Being an indie developer is hard, and BlindFold Studios’ Paul O’Carrol knows this as well as anyone. The Dublin-based team set out to make fun and simple game, but soon found themselves caught up in the churn and grind of studio life.

“As every other person in this industry, we’ve been busy,” Paul says on BlindFold Studios’ blog page. As many devs already know, this is a bit of an understatement. The task of creating a game is a challenge in itself, but compounded with the work of running a small business, the guys found themselves facing a monumental task. And yet, “We aren’t complaining,” Paul finishes. “It’s why we’re in this industry. We’re super excited about the projects we’re working on.”

The projects BlindFold is working on currently consist of a post-apocalyptic platformer and – more immediately – a documentary series that takes an honest look inside an indie dev studio.


All BlindFold has revealed of the series so far is a short teaser trailer, but the idea is a good one. Too many would-be devs don’t realize what really happens when the pressure’s on. “It’s a very stressful job and it’s a very stressful environment,” Paul says. Their series promises to introduce the team and offer an intimate peek at what really happens behind closed doors.

I’m particularly fascinated by this idea. I spend blog post after blog post preaching to developers and warning about the difficulties they face. There is much more to creating games than code. Leading a development team blends elements of humanity with moments of joy and frustration. Blindfold promises to bring this and much more into the daylight.

“Being a dev – and especially an indie dev – can be very difficult at times,” Paul says. “We want to tell the real story of indie game development.”


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