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The arcade look & feel of Bebop and Tempo

Bebop and Tempo is a retro arcade platformer developed by Brandon Dominguez for Windows and MacOS. It is now available via Steam and Apple’s Mac App Store with an Xbox One release date to be announced.The gameplay of Bebop and Tempo is similar to recent games such as Super Meat Boy, yet feels familiar to a classic NES game. The player controls one character at a time, however, he is able to switch between the second character with a push of a button. One of the main characters, Bebop, is a blue pudgy owl that has the ability to dash and dodge. The second main character, Tempo, is a pinkish dinosaur-like animal that has the ability to stomp on enemies, jump higher than Bebop, and is also faster than Bebop. Players must decide which character to use to overcome certain obstacles and enemies.

Bebop and Tempo

The goal of each level in Bebop and Tempo is to clear all of the enemies as fast as you can. The difficulty is derived from the fact that the player can only be hit once and then the level immediately restarts. Beginner players can take their time to carefully plan their next step and decide what character would work best. More advanced players will be able to strategize level paths to increase efficiency and master mechanics of switching, dodging, and attacking to finish each level with a low timer score. Some levels also have a secondary goal of collecting music note shaped fruit to receive a star upon completion. However, collecting all of the fruit in a level may require advanced mechanics, timing, and problem-solving.

There is not much that gets in the way of an in-game story. The villain character, Cadence, captures two of Bebop and Tempo’s friends and it is up to Bebop and Tempo to rescue them. Most of the lore and story are told through the Instruction Manual that comes with the game.

There are three main modes that are included in Bebop and Tempo. The main mode of the game is Adventure Mode. Adventure Mode features four areas that have multiple levels within them. Each area offers different enemies and obstacles. Adventure Mode has over 60 levels and four boss stages. There are also optional levels to be unlocked and can prove to be a challenge, even for seasoned gamers.

Bebop and Tempo

The second mode of Bebop and Tempo is Arcade Mode. Arcade Mode is not available from the start and must be unlocked through Adventure Mode. In Arcade Mode, players will play through a random series of levels with each advancing level increasing the total amount of enemies.

The third mode of Bebop and Tempo is a local two-player Versus Mode. Players will have the ability to adjust match timers, turn enemies on or off, and adjust the total number of hit points, represented by balloons above each player’s character. The player mechanics are exactly the same as in Adventure Mode.

Items boxes are randomly dropped around each level that provide players with temporary power-ups. Players can choose four different battle levels, some which have to be unlocked through the Adventure Mode.Xinput devices are natively supported on Windows, such as the Microsoft Xbox One controller. Direct input gamepads and gamepads on MacOS will have to rely on third party applications to bind keyboard commands to gamepad input. The settings menu also allows players to rebind keyboard input to their liking.

Bebop and Tempo

Bebop and Tempo also features a completely original soundtrack that will take you back to the 8-bit era of gaming. Each area has unique songs that correspond to the area’s theme. Bebop and Tempo is launching with a limited discount that is available through Steam. To celebrate the launch of Bebop and Tempo, the games official website,, has various limited release merchandise, a special launch discount, and even a physical boxed copy of the game that comes with a USB cartridge, full-color instruction manual, and a case.

Learn more about Bebop and Tempo here.


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