Fragmented: a game from the depths of a dorm room – #Devlog 1

I am a university student dwelling in a dorm room who happens to have a knack for game development. I’ve gathered enough courage to work on it in the past few weeks. My first title is Fragmented, an FPS platforming game, which is actually my first ever 3d game, with 0 budget. It is going to be free on itch.io. I was going to make a 2d platformer but i couldnt resist working with the 3d medium. It’s just too tempting.


The story revolves around an entity who hae lost its humors and has to retreive them to exist. The player has to help the entity by completing levels of platforming tasks. The idea popped up while i was reading about Ancient Greek medicine and how they interpreted the aspects come into play in human body.

The hardest part of the project was probably being the single person developing the game. The visuals are easy to come by at first but you have to get a second opinion on them. My second opinion is my girlfriend. She gets to see my works first. Which is good if you want positive feedback. Not so good if you want criticism.

I started throwing game assets here and there. Changing stuff pretty often. The grass is spikey, taller than the player and obstructs view. I didnt like it. Normally. And you can see a fence, we will come to it later.

Fragmented game

I remodeled the grass 3-4 times and come to the satisfactory results only then. The trees felt they were like a very small roadside bushery, so i added more trees to accommpany the player.

Fragmented game

The fence gate of doom.

Fragmented game

This brings us to the fence gate of doom and misery. I have fiddled with this ploughin’ fence gate for hours! Changing all sorts of things, animations, import settings that I had no idea of their purpose, My neighbour’s WiFi password (Whoops!). The problem was a little misuse of a function. In return, I’ve learned about Animation cycles and Import settings. I sow apples and reaped oranges and bananas.. AND Apples.

I have not failed, not once. I’ve discovered ten thousand ways that don’t work.


An idea of a portal was planned in my head beforehand. It had to be alien and misfit. Broken down by the mortal coil. I am not happy with the stairs because they constraint the player’s movement. They have to change.

Fragmented game

You can clearly see the Bib Fruits in the preceding screenshot (Left bottom), they count as 3 fruits when you pick them up because pomegranate physics apply to them. I might add some upgrading feature based around the Bib fruits.

In conclusion

Work hard and don’t give up. Coding and game art, both have workarounds and you can fiddle with them to get the result you want.

  • Need second opinion.
  • Do not give up
  • Fiddle with stuff and experiment. You will be amazed how much you can learn by messing around.
  • Tesla ROCKS!

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Berkay Artık

Professional Student. Amateur Game Developer.

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