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Blade of Queen: a Game made both as a fantasy and a magnet to new developments

There is a legend in many games, where the hero finds a group of buddies to help defeat a Dark Lord and save the world. In the case of Blade of Queen, this is no difference. Yet the systematics work a little bit different. The same side-scrolling game with the use of a mouse, but what does this marvel have in store for you? Let’s review it, shall we?

Carol Games, the brains behind this amazing game has made Blade of Queen, their jewel to give players the chance of starting an adventure from anywhere at any time.

Blade of Queen, starts like any other RPG, with a hero looking to free the world of evil forces that threaten all of existence. However the physics are slightly different in doing things. You get a story with a lot of moments, both dramatic as well as funny, while you explore the game itself for every answer to find out who is trying to destroy the world of magic.

  • Mine Jades for extra reputation needed for the tavern to recruit new heroes.

Blade of Queens

  • Doing Queens to increase intimacy need to unlock your goddess.

  • Potions wich enables you to upgrade certain base stats for your main character and your other heroes.

Blade of Queens

  • Talent to upgrade the fundamental stats of your own main character.

Blade of Queens

  • Escorts that give you a massive load of silver needed to upgrade your equipment.

Blade of Queens

  • Gems to further increase the BC (Battle Capacity) of your team their potential.


Blade of Queens

  • Stars for adding extra buffs to make each hero stronger.


Blade of Queens

And we can go on like this for a long while. Basicly the game has everything you want to find and more. Even if most is open until you either reach a certain level or upgrade to VIP. Blade of Queen does not disappoint you in the slightest.

As a game with a future, Blade of Queen has a large array of options available for every purpose. By use of this method, the game is still constantly improving and growing in both numbers of players aswell as in its own development.

Blade of Queen was created by Carol Games as a RPG based for PC and phone users to play with ease without any difficulty. For now Blade of Queen can only be played on the Android, iPhone, Tablet and for the PC/Mac on their main website/Facebook.

But Blade of Queen also needs its server to keep running, so in response they often resort to giving a rebate or discount on purchases. This way both the player and the company can both enjoy the perks of these transactions. Giving fairness a whole new meaning.

Blade of Queens

Still there is one thing that the does not have yet fully developed, there is no merger of servers. Making Blade of Queen still a work in progress. Though it has come a long way, what events it might still have in store for you is for you to find out.

For more information about Carol Games and Blade of Queen, visit their website. You can find it here at:



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  1. What the hell are you talking about? The game is repetitive and not even remotely a new concept. There is about 1000 of these chinese games with the same mechanics.
    Not to mention the community is absolutely cancerous.

    1. Maybe to you, however this is the first game that does not focus on filling their pockets the entire time, it gives you the option to pay. And should you decide to do so, it allows you to get as much recharge bonus as possible. This game is a side-scroller not a cheap top side playing game. If you haven’t played this game and still comment this way.

      I would advise you to just play it, simply this game is alot more easier and has less BS content forcing you to pay for than other games. Chinese has nothing to do with it, Remember Mu that ain’t Chinese, it is Korean. The graphics are a dead giveaway.

      As for repetitive, maybe for you, but it did do more than what you posted on such a site. It delivered over 2 million players. So unless you got a solid statement, let’s leave it at that.

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