Are You Ready to Become a Digital Hero in ‘Narita Boy’?

You are Narita Boy, a legendary digital hero in an epic quest through simultaneous dimensions.

The digital kingdom is under attack and you are called as their last hope of survival. Explore a vast world to find the techno sword, the only effective weapon against the threat. – Kickstarter

Eduardo “Ed” Fornieles was kind enough to do an interview with NeedtoKnow about the complexity of the development process, the Kickstarter, and what brought the concept of Narita Boy to life.

1. How did the idea for Narita Boy come to fruition?
It came in Japan. There is an hour and 30 minutes of train ride between my office and my home. There’s a lot of time to think about projects. But before that, the seed was already in my head. It was a shapeshifter idea before turning into Narita Boy.

2. If someone on your team has an idea to throw in, how easily can they make that become a reality in the grand scheme of the project? How often does this happen?
Well, anyone can bring ideas anytime. In terms of making and awesome game is needed to listen all if ideas from all the members. Digest that ideas and be smart in order to know what is and what is not a powerful idea is essential. In my case, as a creator, I am a shower of ideas. That why I appreciate when people stop my torrents of creativity and bring feedback for making an amazing concept or thought.

3. As a developer, once you’ve poured love and attention into creating Narita Boy; would you enjoy playing it just as much as you enjoyed making it? Or when it’s shipped do you take a sigh of relief and only worry about bugs and updates?
Haha! Nice question. I think it gonna be a Combo. I would love to enjoy Narita as 1) An oniric experience. And 2) I would love to remember Narita Boy as a strange dream I had the last summer and I can’t stop thinking about it.

But of course, this experience is gonna be cut as soon as I find a bug. 😀

I would love to enjoy Narita Boy with my grandchildren. That could be awesome, at that time the only bug will be on my old body.

4. During Narita Boy’s development/Kickstarter, is there a feature you think you might have to give up but want to keep in order to stay within the budget or meet a deadline?
Yes, there is. However, Narita Boy can be made with the budget we were shown. We made a lot of scheduling and we made the maths in order to achieve our deadline with this budget.

But regarding how much money we touch there s more ways to make Narita Boy a bigger, deeper, cooler experience.

5. Are there any ideas for Narita Boy that you might have to abandon or drastically change because someone else beat you to the punch?
Ohhh! Not yet! Oh well, actually not literally punching, but my wife and partner sometimes play the role of bad cop and kicks the weird ideas out. She was concerned about my mental health and the players’ mental health. Yep! I imagine a big and weird trip!

6. Are there other projects going on at the same time as Narita Boy? If so, is it a game similar to Narita or different?
Yes! We have more project. Always with the retro feeling. We have one I like very very much that happens in Japan in the 80s with Syfy vibes and very dark. But that gonna be few years laters…

7. How many hats do you wear during the development/Kickstarter? Do you do a combination of things regarding Narita Boy?
I don’t use hats! I prefer caps! Now it’s been crazy. We do marketing, we answer emails, we are community managers, we are working on a new trailer, much weirder than the first one, etc, but learning a lot of this process!

 Be sure to support Narita Boy currently on Kickstarter with 9 days left to go: Narita Boy

This has been NeedtoKnow and I’m Niko.

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