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Beware the mighty bear in BeardedBear

Hello, gamers and game developers. Recently, I’ve found this project on the net that caught my attention. It’s actually on kickstarter and giving it a shootout is free, as if it’s free just to take a look. To be honest, I am not much into platformers, but definitely, the game graphics look neat. I’ve spoken with Stefano, the developer who has been 3 years working in this project, in order to know the key features of the game. Here it goes!

BeardedBear is an old school Arcade Shooter with roguelike elements about a cyborg bear with a mighty beard shooting aliens through time and space!

According to the developers, what makes BeardedBear stand out from the other arcade shooters?

  • Weapon system: Weapons are created by the combination of a weapon type and a bullet type. Everything is possible: pistols that shoot bullets, shotguns that shoot arrows, miniguns that shoot other miniguns, even flamethrowers that shoot rockets. All these awesome weapons have a limit: they will last only for 15 seconds each. So you have to always keep on moving and shoot aliens while you run to get a new random fresh weapon.
  • Exp system: The experience left behind on the ground doesn’t disappear, but goes to the enemies! If you collect enough experience to level up, you will choose a powerup for you. But if you lose too many exp, the enemies will level up, and you will be forced to choose a powerup for them!

This two key mechanics force you to run and jump around the map all the time.

The experience left behind on the ground doesn’t disappear, but goes to the enemies!

Ok, now we have a dynamic game. What do they want now? The studio doesn’t want a game that will be forgotten after you finish it for the first time.

So they added:

  • Looping mechanic which basically take the first 16 levels and throws you back at the beginning after you beat the game making it harder, pushing yourself to the limit of your skills to try and achieve a new high score.
  • Daily runs (Not available in the demo).
  • Hard mode (Called “fun mode” but it’s no joke).
  • Local co-op (And in the future Online co-op too!).

Mix all these gameplay elements with a Synthwave OST based on the current weapon and a pixelart that recreate a precise time frame of our past, present, and future for each level and there you have it: BeardedBear.

Let me invite you to try it for yourself with the Demo that you can find here:


Also, you can find more information about the game on Kickstarter:


Last thing: if you like the game remember to leave a big bearded YES on the Greenlight page here:



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