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Game Review: Expect the Unexpected

Expect the unexpected is a PC indie RPG, Rogue-like game. Its gameplay is a mix of Shiren with FTL. The combat system is like the one in Shiren. The player can move on a tiled combat map and attack the enemies, or visit houses and markets. Sadly, there’s too little tiles with bonus or effects which make the combats too simple, and most of the time, the result will be decided by your equipment, what can be quite frustrating in the first combats. Also, the classes are too simple (just 3: knight, archer and mage) making the combats way too bland.

Character creation screen

The FTL part of the mix can be seen on the world map. When the player chooses a new location, a random event pops out on the screen. These events can be as simple as helping a starving guy or more complex, like choosing a side in the fight of two factions. The factions help can be really useful through the game. Since they can aid you in the combats, you’d better pick a side in the very beginning. The plot is quite simple: basically, you are a farmer that has been contacted by the gods (like Moses) to recover 12 runes and restore the faith of the world. At first, that looks like an easy task, since the runes are marked on the world map, but when you move to the first town, you’ll notice that the world in Expect the Unexpected is brutal and right after your first movement you could get killed by a group of raiders or wild animals. Like in FTL, the random events can be totally unfair.

World Map

The game presentation is simple, but works for this kind of game. The soundtrack is really good and fits the game perfectly, but the sound effects are a little strange sometimes (what about that scream when the player dies ?!? Really creepy!). The menus and UI are simple but work well. Most of the times, they will give the player a good feedback of what is happening, since the player has almost no dialog with other characters. Sadly, all negotiations in diplomacy are made by the enemies, so you have to take care about what you choose when the options appear. The combat system works well and is really fast: just choose your weapon or magic (you can change the weapons in the middle of combat if you need), walk towards an enemy and select it for an attack. Some weapons and spells can be used from a distance, thus you will not be counterattacked. When an enemy or ally is killed, they can leave items and gold that can be used or traded in markets. Overall, the combats are well made, but, as I said before, there’s almost no strategy in the field. In most cases, you’ll know when you will win or lose a battle in the first turn. In short, this game has a good gameplay, but it is too simple for anyone who has played similar games. Anyway, It’s a good experience for anyone who has never played the RPG genre or who is a hardcore fan, otherwise it will look too simple. Expect the Unexpected was created by GoldenGod Games and can be bought on Steam by US$9.99.

Review summary


  • Easy-to-learn gameplay.
  • A good number of skills to choose from + random events  = great replay value.


  • Random events can be really unbalanced
  • The combats are too bland.

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