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Racial and Sexual Diversity In Video Games: what is your take?

First and foremost, welcome to team Brothel Gaming’s blog site within IndieWatch. We look forward to providing awesome content for our readers, followers, and subscribers! Now down to the main discussion at hand. Last night after delivering an awesome win on Overwatch using the main

Now down to the main discussion at hand. Last night after delivering an awesome win on Overwatch using the main title character known as Tracer, we went into our Instagram and posted up a picture of the character in a very victorious yet sensual pose along with our 55 eliminations, 12 deaths, 17k + damage highlight and our little message that read “Tracer is Bae…” Shortly after that, our account suddenly blew up with many comments and user trafficking in regards to how Blizzard just announced that their cover girl (Tracer) is actually, in fact, a Lesbian. Some of these comments could be taken as either negative or positive depending on where you stand in this sort of argument. Evidence of this is found within the recently released comic titled “Overwatch: Reflections” on the Overwatch main site, pages 8-12, where Tracer is seen kissing her girlfriend prior to going to a Christmass gathering with the rest of the heroes.

As we all know, OverWatch is a game where the playable hero characters all come from very diverse cultures. Some come from Japan, Russia, USA, etc, but never was it openly announced anything in regards to a character with an LGBTQ background up until today. Usually, we try to avoid these social divisions that we call race, culture, and sexuality when playing video games because many gamers visualize being in game as a universal brotherhood/sisterhood where none of these divisions are relevant, and sometimes even considered banned … or so we thought. Our thoughts are that this was obviously a move by Blizzard in order to appeal towards a newer and bigger audience. So with this all said and done, what is your take on this subject? What are your thoughts on real life social disputes being introduced into the universal language we call “Gaming”? What are the Pro’s and Con’s of not just sexual diversity, but cultural diversity as well? Lastly, would this have been a bigger or lesser issue had Blizzard not chosen their cover girl Tracer for such a move? Comment bellow and thanks for reading!

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  1. I think of this similarly to my opinions about the Dragon Maid anime, I don’t care that Tohru is a lesbian sexually obsessed with Miss Kobayashi, what I care about is the story and how it’s being told, everything else is just secondary, if let’s say all that her character is just the lesbian part and cut everything else out, whilst making it the main focus of thd show, it probably wouldn’t be the comedy I enjoyed

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