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I’ve played Facebook’s NIDIA and here are my takeaways

Well, that has been something else. Facebook has recently launched one of their newest additions to the gaming page. NIDIA is a game that takes PK or Player Killing to a whole new level. The game itself is based on the classic Warrior, Archer and Mage Classes, along with vanquishing evil on an 3D RPG game with a lot of PVP and challenge events. The game itself, however, delivers little content to new players who have never played such a game. The PVP option will be unlocked and you will be – primarily to the major guilds – a sitting duck if you are not careful.

NIDIA: a facebook game


The game has a high playability and many events, from daily dungeons and boss hunts to the classic “capture the flag” in the form of holding towers in a blue vs red team as in a Team Deathmatch based gaming. It has a lot to offer for both the well seasoned and battle-hardened player, which makes it a game for them to join in and have fun with. However, should the need arise, you can join various guilds to help increase the amount of Experience gained from either special Escorts to the infamous Oblivion Point. What a surprise! Who could ever forsee facebook making a game as this one stand out to even the famous Sword Art Online, creating more options than you ever thought to be imaginable.

Experience Galore

Should you bore of hunting Experience in this game, here are a bunch of options to do.

  • Creator’s Crypt: farm these dungeons on your way and get items to help increase Wings, Mounts and even Skills on bonus overall stats.
  • Buried Caverns: Do Demon Abyss or Oblivion Point to earn a massive amount of Experience.
  • Crystal Cove: You’ll find some gems here. Fight monsters, elite monsters, and even bosses in the hope they’ll drop gems enhance the stats of your character.
  • Labyrinth: Collect Dragon Scales to enhance and also increase your power

NIDIA: a facebook game

What the game has to offer

The game offers a wide variety of experiences. It supplies you with a load of quests, to keep you on the road as you level up. It also comes with an Evolution system that is set as EVO. Every next Evolution comes with its new increase of stats and also each Evolution level (Unlocks at level 70) comes with a number of what Evolution level you are at; 1st Evolution is named EVO-1, the second Evolution is named EVO-2 and so on, further increasing your stats and power. However this costs a lot of Silver and down-levels your character, but in return you earn Evolution points that which you need along with the required level to Evolve into the next Tier or level of the Evolution, making your base stats more impressive alongside the rest of your immense power.

Can you forge items? And how does your power contribute to the game?

Your power in the game is represented as CP, which stands for Combat Power. It increases when you get a higher level or get better equipment. Your CP also increases when you enhance your equipment. but here is a list of what they added to further your progress in the game:

  • BlackSmith: Increase in CP and stats a lot faster, by upgrading your Amulet and Emblem by acquiring Dragon Scales, Dragon Pearls, Emblem Experience (gained from monsters and bosses) or even Talismans (dropped by every monster, boss or earned during an event).
  • Forge: Create new equipment, forge enhance stones dropped by monsters or bosses to enhance and increase your power by using the power of combination.
  • Recycle unwanted items and equipment for Silver and Experience.
  • Transfer the enhanced stats to a new piece of better equipment. For instance you have a level 42 belt that is +5 enhanced and want to transfer it to a level 72 belt? Simply do so. The bonus stats from the previous one will be added to the new equipment and removed from the old piece, thus making your new gear a lot more powerful.
  • Construct: having new gear is fun, but if you have too many of a certain level there is also the option of using it to create a new piece of equipment, simply by using 6 of the recommended pieces you have. This comes with no cost to create.

Does it have VIP?

VIP is something it does have, though the prices are a lot different since this game is originally Korean. Like with most Flash/Unity games, the currency is still the same and should not be expected to change anytime soon. The rules for VIP are also bonuses on extra turns, events, and Experience gains of +5% per VIP level. It is a permanent thing, so there’s no payment of monthly fees required. The game however also differs with this. Usually, you get a power increase as bonus with the first recharge. Every VIP level gets an extra Minimum and Maximum Attack Bonus. VIP 1 is a Min Attack +50 and a Max Attack +1. VIP 2= Min Attack +50 and Max Attack +150. So if you ask me if the game is scaled on VIPs most of the time the answer is obviously: “YES”.

What about its currency?

The currency in the game consists of two different types. You got Silver, both Bound and unbound, that can be Earned by both VIP and Free Players. Bound Gold is a currency all players can earn through either Events or Quests from farming a certain amount of monsters and even through Guild Wars. The regular gold can only be purchased with regular money. There are also other types of currency that are earned for completing certain events, cross-server matches and even through certain achievements. But these serve more for exchanging them as points in the points shop than the actual currency to purchase new items or gear.

NIDIA: a facebook game

Is the game friendly?. Here’s a personal advice from my own experience playing it

The game is based on PK or Player Kill, so honestly if you do not like PVP, I would advise you against it, but if you do like these games, be warned that the players are not very sportive. And if you are weaker than them, they will kill your character, just for fun. The game is also full of overreacting gamers, so I would not recommend this game to anyone unless you like having such company in your online gaming experience. The friendliness is hard to find there. For those who want a good recommendation, look further because whatever this game has to offer, friendliness is not one of them.


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