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Wreck your enemies with Salvage Robot

The latest recruit to the line up of highly entertaining multiplayer battle games for iOS mobile devices is Salvage Robot, an amazing new first release from GoldenHeart Games. With a nice UI experience and some very cool giant robots to collect, players are presented with a range of fast paced, imaginatively designed Sci-fi battle environments. Alien biospheres or destroyed human star colonies provide the background across which players can dispense their wrath upon a variety of enemies.


The action packed nature of Salvage Robot is driven by the caches of salvage littered across the battlefield, over which players must compete. More salvage means better upgrades, and even bigger robots.

Salvage Robot also differs from many other multiplayer PvP apps currently available due to the presence of a range of AI opponents that every player must be wary of. Ancient Alien Guardians and Junk Mech Raiders provide some dangerous competition during solo missions.

Solo missions? You might ask. But it’s a multiplayer game. How can that be?

Well, when a player starts a mission there is a good chance they’ll be joined by other live players, but if the session becomes a ‘solo’ mission then the AI opponents provide the immediate danger. Salvage Robot’s multiplayer system works best when two or more friends wish to play together. With zero set up, all the players have to do is start a mission a few seconds apart and the back end software takes care of the match, linking the players into the same game session. Provided all players are in the same world region. Simple, no, really, that’s all there is to it. You should try it.

An engaging backstory also provides a little depth, mostly centered around an interstellar catastrophe that has wiped out a bunch of frontier star systems. These colonies are now filled with valuables ripe for plundering by salvage hunters and pirates. Set to the backdrop of ancient alien ruins and technology, the storyline provides focus for the action.

Every PvP battle app needs exciting upgrades and Salvage Robot has them in abundance. Collecting salvage from the battlefield opens up new rewards – a wide range of handy upgrades includes over thirty heavy weapons, armor, cool skins and new salvage robots, providing the player with fresh options for battlefield strategies.




According to the developers, a new expansion for Salvage Robot is currently on its way, which will include more in-game content, battlefields, and challenges for players, while optimizing gameplay. With great graphics and effects, Salvage Robot is a highly entertaining game filled with sci-fi, heavy weapons, and big explosions. Well worth downloading.

Get Salvage. Wreck the Enemy!

Learn more about SALVAGE ROBOT:

AppStore Link:

Platform: iOS

Developer: GoldenHeart Games

Twitter : @RodatGHG



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