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Double Cube: An eye-finger coordination casual game


By using clean colors and crisp graphics, along with its out-of-this-world background, ‘Double Cube’ is a game that primarily strikes the player as very aesthetically appealing. Not only that, the actual gameplay itself can get quite addictive – take it from someone who spent an hour this afternoon trying to top their own score again and again. This multi-tap 3D game consists a square shaped platform with an isometric view and two cubes running on it.


The player starts off by tapping the screen to control the cubes, in order to avoid the spikes, laser gates and red rolling cubes. Right tapping moves the side cube, whereas, tapping left moves the top cube. Your score depends on the number of obstacles you manage to avoid. By playing the game, again and again, you feel like you get a certain expertise, an improvement in your technique. The game requires your full concentration. As you progresse, the game speeds up and one very unfortunate glance away from the screen will cause the cube to hit an enemy, and game is over! Another cool feature of ‘Double Cube’ is that you can customize characters color and design in exchange for the game currency.


To conclude, if you have lot of time on your hands, this game is perfect for you. The genius design and the clever gameplay ensure a user-friendly and addictive experience.

Well, that’s enough talk! Let’s play some ‘Double Cube’!


Learn more about Double Cube:

AppStore Link:

Platform: iOS, tvOS

Development Engine: Unity3D

Game Art & Design: Blender, Adobe Illustrator

Music: Purchased from Unity Store

Publisher: Nanovation Labs

Developer: GameOver Studio

Released Date: October 13, 2016



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