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AQ3D – AdventureQuest 3D Now Open-Beta

So Artix Enterainment LLC. has released their game AdventureQuest 3D into Open-Beta.

So we start at the introduction that has gotten a complete revamp. A lot more work  was put into the game’s development than was first imagined and the work as shown on the screenshots here were stunning and well done. The people at Artix Entertainment LLC. Never did lose their sense of humor. Still an amazing feat of creating such a game in such a short amount years.



This means it is available to all players and is later also available in your GooglePlay and AppleShop. The game has gone live yesterday on Steam for both PC/Mac. And in an hour the game has gotten over 2,500 players running around the two first opened servers: Red Dragon and Blue Dragon. Making it amongst the biggest achievements gained for their company. What future developments are coming in? Mogloween, their version of Halloween, will be the next release. but here is a short summarized list of what was added.

New Dungeon.

The game has a new dungeon, where you will fight the Skeletal Lord in the DoomWood Tower, but before being able to get there some floors of monsters that are no pushovers. And some mini-bosses along the way. The game dungeon is requiring levels 14-15 to participate. Since the dungeon has quite the policy of mass overkilling players. Giving the best and most challenging experience.



New Area Unlocked.

AdventureQuest 3D is live and for those who helped through the test versions the game has unlocked early access to the Guardian Tower via the Battleon map. However, do not fear you can still upgrade to a permanent Guardian to gain access to the tower if you have just started to play the game. It will tell you all about the game and gives some quests to help you get stronger to being able to fight against monsters and certain mini bosses on map areas more proficiently.



New Interaction System.

The game had a lot to do with questing, but it never had its own cutscenes, now it does, with good music template created for the game that will also play on the background, making the game a worthy addition to the industry of Cross-Platform of Gaming. For those who Artix Entertainment LLC. Know that there is also a skip button to skip the cutscenes in the top right, should you want to play the game and now stand there clicking on every piece of text.



Increased Reward System.

The rewards have been increased too there are some items you have to farms dungeons for to be able to upgrade certain weapons. Or attain certain equipment or items to help you in your adventure of questing. The system has had a whole new revamp, you can now preview an item and see if it fits to your tastes. The game has 4 rarities, Common White, Rare Blue, Epic Purple and Legendary Gold. Each costing quite a load of gold as in-game currency or some Dragon Gems, which are purchased via real money. The only difference between the two payments is that the Dragon Gems give you the option, if it is available in the crafting section, to immediately create the item, instead of waiting a while for it.



New Barber Option.

The game came now with its own Barber option, where in the game on the Battleon map you goto the Barber Shop to change your eye color or even the hairstyle and color of your character. The Barber Shop will later also have the option to chance your sex.

Barber Shop costs: 500 Gold. Per change.

Sex Change: 2000 Dragon Gems per use (Will be added later)



Now one last thing the game is now live, so what are you waiting for come and join on AdventureQuest 3D and prove you have it in you to become a Legend of Lore.

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