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League of Angels 2 Under Fire

Well everyone, it has finally happened. The game is going to hell, its passengers are the GTArcade staff. The game has gotten the bugs and error to a new maximum, from 18% server load problems, to even massive lag on the multiple servers. So let us review what has happened to the game so far, to decide what course would be best for it to take.

In-Game Retrieval Option Bug

This is a bug for those lucky to enter the game but see a black screen while the rest is visible as the interface, map and so on.


Major bug? Yes, will they fix it? Probably not, since they keep evading the questions posted on their forums and there are a lot of complaints:

The top 5 of posters, but if i counted correctly, there are over 228 cases of players having this problem. Creating a what they call at GTArcade a Shitpocalypse.

So let’s look at the bug they are talking about the “18% Loading Bug”

It happens when you try to login either via the browser or the mini client:


The loading screen keeps freezing for a long time at 18%, resulting in too many game crashes and they hope with certain compensations to help the players keep it together. You and I both know this won’t bode well for GTArcade pulling such stunts. So i asked around and I got the message that a new moderator had gotten the chance to update the game, however instead that moderator did all this to wreck the game. Why? He did not like the game since he plays League of Angels and not the sequel, he wanted to have it gone. I think it had to do with the games being for big cashiers only. Making this an act of discriminating attacks on free players or players who did not spend that much money into the game, resulting into many big cashiers, VIPs and free players now banding together to have GTArcade take responsibility.

This is the 7th time this week the server went down.

In other news…

GTArcade is proud to announce they also released two news extras, Dualty Runes to combine two different types of gems to create one with of those gems their stats, opening more room for more other gems, giving each relic a greater Battle Rating Boost, sadly, they made a mistake here, they are only for Mythic Relics and these are extremely rare in the game there is a 1% chance to get one. Making it useless to have as a release and even making PVP match too one-sided this way.

This is how it works:


First find the two runes you want to combine, the lowest to combine are R6, then R7 to the highest that is R8:


You get both their stats of those stone added to the new Dualty Rune, along with an extra base stats.



But hope suddenly fades since this release needs a Wyrm Heart or Divine Shield Relic, which are of Mythic class and extremely rare. Since the drop rate of this relic has never been fixed from 1% to 40%, as was promised by both the moderators and developers.

The reaction that came out was surprising, GTArcade won’t fix bugs, since they only care of making a lot of money in a very short time. Making more players decide to stop playing the game.

Another new extra is the Weekly Quests, they gave it in compensation, yet the game failed utterly in this section since many players complained it was added on Thursdays while the many beginning servers had this for 2 weeks. Servers 1-50 had them for those weeks till it was released on the other servers creating a threshold between the staff and the players, resulting into a distrust of the company their involvement of new extras for the game.


But how it works? Check the screenshots for some insight:


You can find it in your quest tab under the same of Weekly Quest. Click on it and it gives challenges to earn points, for 350 points collected you permanently unlock the first two pages of the Exchange Points shop, at 800 points you permanently unlock the rest, just to not you will lose your hard-earned points by the end of the week, yet what you unlocked stays unlocked.


Note: You can only buy every item once. Until the Weekly Quest resets.


Next thing added, what got me a lot of confused was the Soul Arms option.

But the new option has to do with the Resource War where you go and find a mine and capture it, you can also capture one from other players, all come with their shop.

Check the main site of League of Angels 2 for more information:

That is it for today, next time I might just post something awesome, than this terrible development.





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