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What’s wrong with GTArcade moderators?!?

So i have been playing a game called League of Angels 2 for a while and the game did show promise, yet checking their history on complaints i went after the truth of their positions.

In this Review i am going to unfold what is true and what is not about the Game Company called: GTArcade. And their Moderator Team of League Of Angels 2, after numerous of complaints, i made this review for that purpose. And i do respect GTArcade to review this as well. Changes do need to be made. That is a certainty.

The moderators do not or can not do anything useful to the forums or answer my questions in-game?

  1. Not all forum moderators are available during your post of a thread on on of their section, General, Bugs, Strategy and Support.  So when posting you should wait till one of these GTA staff can review your post and thus for answer it.
  2. Remember that even if the staff cannot answer the forums, it does not mean they did not read it. There will be someone along on a later time to help you on your way.
  3. What a moderator can or cannot do, lies with not only their rank, but also their knowledge of the game.


Do Moderators or GTArcade care about all the players or only the Big Cashiers?

They do care about all players yet truth has come out lately that they also tend to think of themselves higher than others, from not answering the question to not having it answered at all. They use translation programs and are most of the time not what they say they are, this much is true. Most do not even know a language and use a translation program only to make it look like they understand what you are saying.

Is GTArcade trustworthy?

There is nothing wrong with distrust after having such a downfall from the respect you once had. The Moderator team and GTArcade work on a whole different level. And cannot be compared to each other in the slightest. So in short GTArcade is not at fault what actions their Moderators take, it is up to their Senior Moderators and even the Super Moderators to clean up their mess.

Can i get banned for helping another player if a Moderator can’t answer it?

This is one of these things i can not deny there is a high possibility, they have been given too much power and also want to control the forums only to allow posts they think are adequate. Therefore you can easily run into a lot of advertising there since they are either not paying attention to it or do not care.

Is the game dying out?

The game is not dying out. It is true the game started way too early with the newest developments available, since its last updates. But what happens on the forums and what happens in the game are two whole different things and cannot be used a deterrent to say the least.

Will this game also have a short life span like League of Angels 1 if things like this keep happening?

The answer you are looking for is “YES”

Has this ever happened before?

A number of times, but you can according to the forums expect the moderators to do something about it and with that i mean they just talk their way out of it. If you attitude is not good for them you are banned from the forums.

Has GTArcade given the Moderators too much power?

They did. And therefore it is up to them to realize this fact and place an active medium in their group to keep an eye on things there.

Even if this is all done will there be a future for GTArcade?

There will always be a future, like i said they are not at fault for what happened on the forums. No one is. Except those who act without only going by on their emotions. Be it player or Moderator, no one is in a higher level than the other.

If i got an issue and i posted it, they say they will send this to the Developers. Will there actually be something done or is it just idle chat?

It is a bit of both, they want to give you a false sense of hope and those who really are reported to the Developers are not of the basis of what the Moderators decide that should be posted.

Will there ever be a change in their ranks, like new moderators keeping themselves from acting out and doing whatever suits them?

Only time can tell, as for the current rules there are many flaws in it for continuous abuse by either Moderators of Junior standing to the Seniors who need to keep tabs on this situation. Yet there are some who support to help players, however are too afraid of being spit at of those who do not deem certain posts worth the attention, no matter how serious it is.

Last Question people always wonder about. Will this have impact for the game community now playing the game and if so in what way?

The effects are not felt at first, but as on the forums it is being felt and even in mentor status they do not answer to the questions at all. So more and more players are now leaving because of the decent lack of conduct the Moderators are showing. It is like you are waiting for the beer the bartender promised and you have been waiting for 2 hours, then you might just decide to leave. If the game is good, then so must be the personnel who should contribute as Moderators to help the players and not do so for their own gain.

Final Word

We need to respect one another and do not think we are better than others, being disrespectful does not stand in with their policy on the forums, hence they can bend and abuse the rule if they like. However if this keeps on going i will foretell a grim future for GTArcade’s most recent released game. And in such events do come to pass, players will move on feeling fooled by GTArcade, when their Moderators were at fault.

This is harsh to say. The games and the company have gotten a 9/10 stars rating.

But it does lack professional personnel, who own contradictions have be placed above all others their own opinions and rights. Therefore giving them the right to ban other players or even consult in either no answering at all and giving false information, when they do not know the answer themselves. Is reason enough to give the forum a 1/10 star rating for friendliness and is therefore now seen as a “NO GO zone” .

This is all i wanted to share and i respect that GTArcade, should they review this, will take the necessary steps to help the future community on their games and forums, happy and contend.


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