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Three reasons why beginners should choose python for game programming

Python for Beginners – Python is a great starting point for beginners in game development. Here’s three good reasons for you to consider.

Starting out in programing can be daunting for anyone and not just beginners. Some of the questions you will ask yourself include which language to choose and an even more important question is why choose it. In game programming it is important that you choose the right tool for the job but you should be comfortable with it. Python would be a great starting point. Below are three compelling reasons why Python should be ones foray into programing.


1. It is easy to learn

It is no secret that learning programming does not sound exiting but luckily the designer of Python had the new comer in mind. It is easy on a lay man’s eyes. It makes use of white space and other common expressions that have in turn eliminated the need for using tedious variable declarations as well as curly brackets. It has a very natural style and it is easy to read it and understand it. Python programming language is an economical language to learn since one uses fewer codes to complete basic tasks. When compared to other languages such as Java, it is 3 to 5 times shorter. You do not have to compile the Python program so you can run it. All you have to do is create a file and then run it from the terminal. With python it is easy to set up and run. Most people giving programing a chance fail even before they can write a line of code. With python you first learn the concepts.

2. It is a stepping stone

You can use Python to usher you into the programing world. Employers are always looking to hire programmers that are fully stacked and Python helps you reach your goal. Just like JavaScript, Ruby and Perl, Python is an object oriented language. What this means is that if you are planning to become a software programmer learning it could help you adapt more easily in any other environments. Having a solid knowledge in Python gives you a solid foundation to begin with. The methodologies of Python are used in a range of applications. Using the architecture and organization of Python will act as a Rosetta Stone for you when you try to decipher other cryptic programming languages. There are some notable similarities between the Python’s syntax and other languages which makes learning other programming languages a breeze. As soon as you learn the Zen of Python you can always use it to succeed in crafting code for any other language.

3. Python Works On line too

For programmers, web development is a booming economic prospect and with Pythons knowledge you can get a piece of the pie as well. Python is the only scripting language that one needs to start designing your own applications and websites. Just like Django, Python has a large support community and the total time and code needed is much shorter. Most of the people in the industry will use Python for prototyping to allow for rapid development of an application. With Python, ideas crystallize much faster since its development does not require as many developers and the total scripting hours on the keyboard are much less. With this, it means that you have plenty of time to enhance concepts and turn them into products that are professional grade.

So are you convinced that you should learn python? It is not only easy to learn but it also give you building blocks that you can later use to learn other languages. You get to learn how Python can be used in an exciting way. If you are interested in learning python, the best place to start is at where you can make use of the Woodstock production tutorials to help you in mastering the Python programing language. Python can open up positions that your ideas warranted. Not to mention the fact that python is not a completed language and it is constantly improving and having more features.



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