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Aiming high up above: when 3 development teams meet for making a game

The Sun Faction in Stratus: Battle For The Sky

The gorgeous world of Stratus: Battle For The Sky came to our attention this week and we couldn’t help but feel mesmerized by it. Think about those places you visit when you dream about heaven! That beautiful and peaceful landscape you’re picturing in your mind right now might be pretty much like what this game is about, except for the fact there’s a battle taking place there, and it is far from coming to an end.

Balloons of the Sun Faction in Stratus: Battle For The Sky

Stratus: Battle For The Sky is a real-time-strategy game in which the player controls a High Priest that leads one of four factions: Sun, Wind, Rain or Thunder. His/her main goal is to fight other factions’ High Priests for control of the skies and the limited resources of one’s own faction.

Watch a little bit of its gameplay below.


The whole game takes place in the floating islands of the world of Sonus, destroyed by a long lasting war. As you can see on the video above, bridges are used as building blocks for battle, flanking and encircling enemies, as well as means to expand one’s own territory for strategic dominance. Like on the chess game, you achieve victory by sacrificing your enemies High Priests to Gods, which will grant you new technology and spells so your tribe can ascend from the storm to the safe heavens above.

High Priest in Stratus: Battle For The Sky


The Rain Faction in Stratus: Battle For The Sky


The Rain Faction in Stratus: Battle For The Sky


Details of a tower in Stratus: Battle For The Sky

You must be thinking, “Wow!” And indeed, this seems to be an ambitious production. No wonder the developers consist in a joint development team that gathers the unique skills from three different game studios: Storm Isle Productions, Longshot Studios and Polywick Studios; each one bringing their best to make Stratus a reality.

Concept meshes for Stratus: Battle For The Sky




If Stratus reminds you of the old RTS Netstorm Island At War, you’re right. As major fans of that game, the developers followed the path paved by Netstorm. In their own words:

The project originally started out as a direct fan tribute to Netstorm to port it from 2D to full 3D, which greatly impressed the original Netstorm development team (…). The Original developers helped us approach Activision about making it an official Netstorm 2 but they were not interested in the project continuing under the old IP, but we were left with the option of dropping the old IP and working with the old Netstorm team on creating new units in similar inspired styles (…).

But our own design look and rebooting the game mechanics, having to redo all units and structures from scratch set the project team back since we were back to square one in regards to content (…). So funds that would have been put into polishing the game and implementing features has been put towards recreating the first two game factions of Sun and rain that will be in first release on steam.

In order to keep on delivering detailed and well polished game assets, along with a carefully crafted gameplay, the developers have started a crowdfunding campaign here and on IndieGoGo.

The game has been already greenlit by the Steam community and you can see lots of more information about it on their Steam page.


You can also learn more about Stratus on:







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