Hey there, blogosphere!

I'm excited to announce that I will be attending QuakeCon this year on behalf of IndieWatch.

This. is my first-ever QuakeCon and I'm super stoked to have a media pass for exclusive time in the exhibit hall and preferred seating at the talks. Apparently, media pass holders also have opportunities to set up interviews with gamers and developers and get the first crack at Q&A sessions.

I've got a "real" job, so I won't be able to attend the whole thing. I'll be there for the media hour and for the "Bringers of Doom" panel with id Software's leadership team. That's on Saturday and I'll have more time to wander and check stuff out.

And as a representative of IndieWatch, I'm asking our audience what they would like to see covered at QuakeCon. Is there something you guys would like to hear more about? Questions you want asked? Talks I should report on?

The floor is yours, guys. Consider me your agent in the field.

Steven Long, the Ghetto Gamer