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Review Time V – Special Edition: DEUS EX Series

Been a while since i did this but since this is a special edition for this review. let’s go and find out what game was under thorough research. This is a game all are well known with since it’s history. The game we are talking about is one with many releases and had quite the influence to every crowd, from 1997 to 2016. So let’s introduce those who do not know what i am talking about to the DEUS EX series. Note, no pros or cons, no judgement only rating and explanation for this special edition. So let us get started.

Deus Ex: The Conspiracy (1997)



This is the first game and also became a Game of the Year in 1997. It was one of the first First-Person Shooters than actually had realistic effects and interaction seeped into their engine. Where everything reacted to your behaviour. Using the Unreal Engine technology it made a game that would be remembered as the father of all the games base of with a similar interaction system from then on.

The story of this game starts in the year of 2052, where you play the character and main protagonist, J.C. Denton. An augmented agent who was trained by a special organization made from the United Nation delegates, codenamed: UNATCO (The United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition ), who were in conflict with terrorist organization such as the Luminous Path and NSF (National Secessionist Forces). However after completing the training and being sent in the field, JC meets his brother Paul Denton who briefs him of the stituation of the NSF who had captured one of their agents Günter Hermann and taken control of the Statue of Liberty.  And it was to JC to neutralize the enemy threat and bypass security to secure the top of the monument by capturing their leader. In confronting, JC learns there is more to this then he is told. After being send to New York, this all changes and the truth is revealed of Joseph Manderly head of UNATCO, who will be assassinated by JC was secretly working with a covert group named MJ12 (Majestic 12) under the direct command of Walter Simmons, who will do all in his power to find and deal with the brother Denton.


The game Rating:  9/10


Deus Ex: Invisible War  (2003)



The story will play out in the the year 2072, 20 years after the original Deus Ex, as it was seen as its crownded sequel. Less was more certain, the game did not meet up with the expectations of its predecessor. The game is in a Cyber-Punk style of First-Person Shooter. Where the world is in total chaos after a large amount of terrorist attacks. It all starts off with your main character and protagonist Alex Denton, who is training in a Tarsus Academy to see if they can complete their training, when suddenly it is attacked by a group of terrorists from the organization, The Order who want them to either join their cause or die. the game has multiple instance that require most of the time Stealth of Violence and making it the game for every player who likes to sneak around alot. In this game you must find an answer by joining various factions and in solving the problem they have with current goverment. Yet easier said than done. The computer generated enemies will adapt to any action to take to them quickly, so be smart if you want to survive.


The Game Rating: 6/10


Deus Ex: Human Revolution (2011)


After 8 years alot of players asked for another Deus Ex game and Eidos did not dissapoint with this title, the story starts all the way back even before the first game, when augmenting was seen as the work of the devil, the main character and protagonist, Adam Jensen an Ex-Swat Officer who works at Sarif Industries for his boss David Sarif. The game takes place 25 years before the story of the original game, where artificial organs and augmentations do get their respect aswell as from some parties and people total chaos, wanting to have them to keep their humanity and no artificial things that might destroy the purity of the human race. As an officer Adam has a normal life as a human, by keeping security as their head. While in a chat with David Sarif in his office, you suddenly get an emergency of a terrorist attack on the company of unknown soldiers pouring, as you fight through their ranks you get sent up against an augmented enemy soldier who really wipes the floor with you. Barely breathing after the incident Sarif Industries decide to save you from your body from dying they implement you with artificial organs and augmentations as one of their very first agents. In revenge for what has happened to you, the company and those close to you. But also to find answers of who is behind all this. An permanently put an end to it.


The Game Rating: 10/10


Deus Ex: The Fall (2011)


Based on the book Deus Ex: Icarus Effect by author James Swallow, the game also included a DLC (Downloadable Content), wich contained the title: The Fall. Wich was the first of the Deus Ex games that appeared also on the portable systems. Where you fight with a special augmented squad doing a few missions with the the main character and protagonist being a former Brittish Ben Saxon, who after being augmented became a mercenary for the private military company Belltower Associates. The DLC plays like Human Revolution and has also its story in 2027.


The Game Rating:  5.5/10


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (2016)



The game takes place 2 years after the Human Revolution story ended, with Adam Jensen comming back. With a new set of augmentations and weapons to take on the newest of threats imaginable. The story starts in 2029, 2 years after the Aug Incident. Wich in turn resulted into having transformed all of the augmented people into violent uncontrollable beasts. As soon as Adam has completed his first mission, he is discovering someone is pulling the strings of these people and soldiers. Now working with Interpol he finds out that none of other than the Illuminati has an agenda of their own. It is up to Adam Jensen to stop them from achieving total control and domination.

You will not do this with simple augments, some increase your throwing power, while others can neutralize three targets or more with a traquilizer that fires a shock to them. You can now even conceal yourself with Electronic Stealth from augmented enemies. The demo has shown promise and early access aswell, this rating is for those two.

The Game Rating: 9/10 (Early Access and Demo only)

The Game Rating: Unrated (Full Version)


This was the review of the special Edition: DEUS EX Series. I hope you enjoyed and until next time. When another review will come with new insights, ratings and yes the judgements will then be back.


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