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League of Angels 2 Gameplay Problems and Solutions

Hey all to those who play League of Angels 2. I still have a lot of information for those who need some help in the game, here is some of the solutions for in the game. Along with screenshots. Happy to share.

This is a small Post and is by no sense a review.


Zoom in Bug when playing the game.

Some of you might have encountered this.


Now how to solve this:

To the right there are some options including the Hero Summon option, click it.

You should have it like this:


Now as the red arrow indicates click the close button. And i would restore the size of the character that was locking into the zoom mode. Try zooming out, if this does not work keep trying until it does.

All already claimed chests, suddenly unlock after you did complete a certain daily quest.

To solve this one simply refresh the browser or mini client.


Black Screen and the game is not running

Be sure you have your client reinstalled by removing it from your Directory. On Windows this is usualy found at C:\LoAII . Delete the entire directory and the desktop+quick launch icons (quick launch are found in star) . And then install it again. If this does not solve your problem either update your FlashPlayer to the newest version and download your Windows updates, since your system might be outdated.


Rewards from world boss are too low as drops (gold drop per round)

The drops are based on the level and attack power your squad has, everyone gets a different amount and there is always a set of maximum of gold you can obtain per match or turn. At the end based on your ranking you can get from the rewards section a number of gold nuggets (worth 100,000 gold each) or gold bars (worth 1,000,000 gold each).



Some 7 days rewards i cannot claim after a few days.

Some of these rewards have a set time limit to achieve those challenges to be able to claim them. However if you are past that set time then you will be unable to claim them.


That is all the information i can give. I hope this will people out in the future until then.



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