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So I wanted to make a post about my experience with making connections with others, primarily with social media and how a simple goal I made for myself turned into more then I expected. 

Back in 2013 I made a Twitter account not really knowing what the underlying mechanics were to it. I played around with it for a bit, added a few of my friends, and only did a handful of posts. I even had a post saying that I really didn’t understand what I’m supposed to be doing in this social media environment? So I kind of let it fall out of existence, not really expecting to dive back into it. I’m glad that wasn’t the case. 

I am somewhat a social person and a big fan of videogames, hence the reason I went to college for a degree in that area, but I wasn’t the best at talking or creating videos on YouTube. I did however want to voice my passion and spread the word to anyone that wanted listen. So in August of 2014 I was reading an article about social media and it said Twitter was a great place to talk about what you like and share pictures, videos, art, articles, and opinions to your hearts content. After reading this article I thought about the whole Twitter realm again and what I could do to dive back in. I decided to set myself a goal.

So in September of 2014 I decided to dive back into Twitter. Utilizing what I had read from the article and watching YouTube videos on how to use and go about gaining followers, I decided to try and gain 100 followers. So for about a month I would post my thoughts, pictures I created, and interesting articles and slowly crept up to that goal. I started making contacts and replying often to others posts, creating a small community of people I wanted to associate with. Just from talking and socializing on Twitter I won a contest hosted by Rare and got a bunch of free stuff. For me it was fun to talk about what I enjoyed with others. I didn’t think it would lead to so many different opportunities. 

As I continued to grow my followers on Twitter, things started to change for the better.  Within a month I was offered a writing opportunity from a guy named Rick for a site called Nerdnalist, which was perfect for me because I could write about anything I wanted and it was a great chance to see a different side of an industry I loved. They also had a great editor named Amber who helped me improve my grammar and punctuation. I wrote all through October and into November and again opportunity was sent my way. I was contacted by Jason and Shawn at Nintendo Enthusiust and was asked to write news for them and after much debating I decided to go for it while still writing for nerdnalist. With Nintendo Enthusiust I had the chance to see how WordPress worked and how interesting and complex the dynamics of an Internet news source could be. After a few news articles I was given an okay to do reviews on games, which was cool because I got the game for free. At around the same time Nerdnalist was switching over to a new name called Nerdy Edge which soon after, Rick, who started it was given a different opportunity and he handed over the reigns to someone else. My next few months with both of these companies gave me much insight and skill in the industry. 

I had a few opportunities with Indie companies in which I got there game to play or was invited to live demo the games and write up a review on the game, but I have to admit I was not the best at writing them. I enjoy more of the opinion type articles and so by March 2015 I was let go from one company and left the other, but I continued my Twitter journey.

The timing of not having to write left me with more free time to do other things including going back to college for work, so it actually was more convenient so I could get homework finished. I again evaluated my situation on Twitter and decided to aim for 500 followers which took me the rest of 2015. As 2016 started I set little goals of trying to better my content and have more productive conversations and then by March my Twitter journey provided yet another opportunity.

Two things happened in March, the first being the release of Miitomo by  DeNA and Nintendo. This opened up a huge opportunity to make friends since you needed Twitter to  add them in the application.

 I had a surge of new followers, ones, who like me, loved games and Nintendo, so it was like reuniting with friends you had not seen in awhile, and you just picked up where you had left off so long ago. With so many new faces I had a few of my followers thank me for always keeping them informed about news they otherwise would not have read, I had people thank me for being so laid back and friendly. There are a lot of awesome people out there and they really motivated me to keep going. Here is an example of one of those people.  

A genuinely kind person ,such as Britney, can motivate someone to keep striving to be the very best! And yes,  I almost broke out into the Pokemon lyrics while writing this. People can motivate other people by being positive and kind, there is no reason to not be. I feel it’s more effective then the alternative.

The second thing that happened in March involved the guy who originally reached out to me to write  for Nerdnalist. I have always wanted to attend E3 and Rick helped me obtain that dream. With much preparation and saving up money I was able to go to E3! I set another goal at that point to gain 1000 followers and by the time I reached E3 I had gone over that. Rick, who I had never met in person, gave me  the opportunity to pursue a dream and because of that I’m happy to call him my friend. 

Right before E3 I was contacted by a guy named Fernando who gave me the chance to write again for This gives me a small voice that allows me to say what I want to say and get feedback. It is something I throughly enjoy. I also was contacted by a few smaller game companies that let me try there games at E3. One being a wonderful couple from Lightwood Games with there game “Word Puzzles,” for the 3DS and Amy, from Yes Games who let me try there mobile game “Shield  of God.” Both of these games were very fun! I am happy to have met these people who were so positive and absolutely amazing.

 Looking back it boils down to when I decided to set a goal for myself and reaching it. I keep thinking of the movie. “What About Bob,” where there was an emphasis on “baby steps.” This to me signifies that by starting out small it will only lead to bigger and better places and I cannot wait to see where Twitter will bring me next.

My next goal is to reach 2000 followers and I would appreciate any help you can give whether it be a like, retweet, kind or positive words, or even following me yourself, please say hi when you do!  

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