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Dark Fear – PC Review

I recently saw a game via Twitter called Dark Fear that looked interesting, so I watched the trailer. The advertisement said that the game was a horror game yet I didn’t really see any horror elements in the trailer. I decided to mention this to the developers Arif Games. I received some contact back within an hour explaining a bit about the game and they were intrigued that I was a developer as well so they offered to give me a game key for Steam so that I could check it out. Now I will mention that normally this isn’t my type of game. While I used to play point and click style adventure games way back in the day, I just haven’t found any lately that have actually captured my attention, until now. I had to play it from start to finish and even ended up with one of the best scores for a brand new player. See if you can beat mine!


Dark Fear wasn’t quite what I expected though. From the trailer you would expect just any other normal point and click adventure game. What originally got my attention was the supposed horror elements that were mentioned. Since Survival Horror, Horror, Adventure, and RPG are all some of my favorite genres, I was especially looking for those elements.

I can however understand why they chose not to show the horror elements in the trailer as some of them would spoil the game. They do indeed exist though. Normally I am one who doesn’t get scared easily, I’m always looking for the next thing that will terrify me. It just doesn’t happen usually. I will admit that there were moments in Dark Fear where I jumped, which I call a success when it comes to anything horror. Overall though I wouldn’t call this a horror game per se. I would call this an old style adventure game with horror elements. It has some elements of mystery that also help to set the mood perfectly as the story keeps you wondering throughout the entire game.

What I especially liked about the game is they were able to successfully incorporate RPG elements with being able to upgrade your weapons and armor; which acts as “experience” in some ways. I was hoping for there to be more upgrades but I can understand as the game isn’t extremely long and that would have probably made the game overly grind-y since there is also a hunter/gatherer system that is tied to upgrading armor.

What I found to make the game a bit too easy though is you can literally spend a few minutes and spam fish an area, fill up your queue, go sell the fish, then go back and repeat. You can also sell the pelts that you don’t use from hunting. You can accumulate crazy amounts of gold in a short period of time like that. That with receiving gold every time you kill an enemy makes currency in very high abundance and not really at all desired. All it takes is a bit of time in between going to each area and you’re fully maxed on weapons, armor, and at least 10 or more potions. I feel that this was probably a careful design decision though as to pace the game because there is no other way to fully upgrade everything unless you do some grinding. It’s not too bad though.

If you are like me and want to try to farm the game and go for everything you possibly can, it shouldn’t take very long. My total play time on the game from start to finish was 5+ hours according to Steam.

I don’t want to spoil too much about the game so I’ll leave it at that. If you like horror, point and click adventure, or both (even better!) then definitely check out this game. The pixel style graphics really hit home to bring out the old style adventure aspect. Even if you wouldn’t normally play this type of game, I still recommend checking it out. You shouldn’t be disappointed. If nothing else, I’m sure you’ll think the music is nice!

In regards to current projects being worked on by Arif Games, I’ve been told there is an unannounced Mobile title coming. When asked about a Dark Fear sequel, to quote them directly, “As for a sequel, yes if there’s enough demand for a sequel then I’d definitely love to do something bigger and much better.”

Check them out! Arif Games Twitter


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