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Bite size Exercise: Music and pacing!

Imagine playing ‘Papers, Please!’ while listening to K-Pop, or  ‘Hello Kitty Party’ while Listening to Norwegian death metal, I know that some of you out there think it sounds like a good idea, trust me it’s not. Music will play a huge part in your game, especially if you’re working on a visually interesting game.

The ambient soundtrack to Journey represents the gameplay perfectly.

Good music can easily make a good game great, how? Take Ocarina of Time for instance, we’ve all had a Zelda ringtone at some point, and chances are it’s been from that one. Remember the song that played as you navigated The Lost Woods? Me too. Remember the song that played as you navigated Faron Woods in Twilight Princess? Me neither.

So what is that makes a soundtrack so fitting? When you’re looking for treasure in a cave, for example, and all of a sudden a boulder crashes in front of you and starts rolling in your direction, epic music starts, this is the part where you start running away! Oh look, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel! As you leave the cave, the bolder crashes behind you as it can’t fit through the hole, you look up and see an epic landscape, the scary music fades out, and then… the Benny Hill Theme starts playing.”Oh god no!” I hear you say, fine, how about a nice orchestra piece; it plays as the camera waves through the scenery. I know which music I’d want playing…

As an exercise, next time you’re playing something try listening to music you wouldn’t normally listen to, see if you can change the feel of the game and make your own soundtrack!

I’m currently developing a game called Reverse Person Shooter, it’s still in early days of development, but if you’ve got any suggestions to any music artists then let me know, I love listening to new artists or soundtracks!



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