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Review Time III

Well been a week already since last one. But now it is time for a new game and three old ones to take the stage. So lets start with number one, again only judgement is mild as was requested by some. Rating is back aswell and also enjoy the rest of the review.

(-3 MMORPG’s – 1 Flash Game MMORPG -)


Maplestory (KMS/CHMS/GMS/EUMS, etc) Screenshot_353


The game that brought many to their footsteps in side-scroll MMORPG was definsetly the game Maplestory. Here you build up your own character with the name you choose, get a Profession at lvl 10 of Warrior, Bowman, Thief, Pirate (was later added in V.0.65) at lvl 8 you could choose Magician. The classes were awesome in a way never expected, the self-crafting made it possible to make new items and also the community is somewhat strange but player friendly. The game made more advances with more classes added each with their own story, flowing together into one large storyline, where different calsses worked together to tackle bosses with epic drops. Level up while using the cash shop to buy NX (Nexon) Cash with real money to buy a massive variety of costume to personalize your own character. Do quests, jump quests, PVP, challenges, time trial dungeons and many more things. The world of Maplestory is waiting for you.

The game has cons, too many minigames made it the Korean Cult hit, degrade to Japanese standards, even if the game was fun, some minigames were really annoying and were also required to advance the story even further. Some were even almost too impossible to complete. Some bosses and monsters are too overpowered and continous buffs were needed. The game has a good anti-hack system, why it is in cons is because with the lack of the information gathered by Nexon who uses underaged players as GameMasters, the most of the hackers, botters, cheaters and scammers who exploit every glitch or bug, went by right under their noses and the radar of the game. The game has alot in common with another game that was of the same company but, was published by a partner of theirs instead. This game will be next on the list. Overall the game became more of a waste of time than the early stages in V. 0.55.

Rating: 6/10


Elsword. Screenshot_352


You looking for a competitve Side-Scrolling MMORPG? Look no further Elsword has what you are looking for, go on missions and defeat enemies, bosses, a good skill system and really friendly players await you in the world of Elsword. The game allows you do create your adventure and when bored you can test your skill against 19 other players in a continueous PVP, where you either do a Team Deathmatch or if you want to do a Free For All, a classic Deathmatch, where it is every player for their self. Last one standing wins. It also comes with the CTF mode (Capture The Flag). The ways of winning are nearly endless, customize your character with shop items, upgrade skills and armor sets/weapons sets as your progress through the game. And show you have what it takes be called the Ultimate Warrior.

The game came with a few cons, here is what. The game game Elsword has alot of problems with the connection between players and sometimes a overcrowded server during an event could result into a freeze screen or disconnection of the game, due to the overwhelming amount of data, skills used and the chat being used almost instantly. The high pased is also home to many hackers and exploiters of bugs and glitches, making PVP most of the time one-sided. The game forums, well like you expect alot of information there, however it is like babies are the moderators there, they half do not know what you are talking about if there is a issue and request you submit a ticket. This ticket always comes with the same answer, not answered in 72 hours, so it automaticly says it is closed since it might answered. Or you get the same answer you gotten from the forums and are then still in the loop of what to do. At some points in certain bosses the game starts to lag and this could force you to lose the progress you made in that level so far. Making you think is the game really worth it.

Rating: 5/10


Blade And Soul. Screenshot_351


Are you looking for a game that is based in mystical asian style of MMORPG. Look no further, then Blade and Soul is the game for you, venture into a mystical world were, divinities, deities and yes even dragons are found. Customize your character and develop new skills and abilities to progress it further through an amazing world made up to the highest detail. The PVP in this game is high-end and this means there are no problems or glitches found, if there are some a fully active team will come and fix them without you having to logout. The game itself has beatiful surroundings and the maps are made like some work was left there after a long while. The game has in3D features alot similar to Perfect World. And that does say something. The quests are well balanced and the game is at the moment one of the top 3 games you should have played. It has a helpful community and the forum staff are able to help you with any problem, barely need a ticket to submit an issue.

Cons: there are some cons. The game is mostly rated for 18+ since alot naked is found in it, making this echhi (lotsa of naked) and hentai (Japanese Drawn Porn) based. Not suitable for younger audiences. The game has alot of brutal features of blood gushing overgore in the PVP, making the game also not suitable to those who have weakness for such things. They promised to ame a game defined to the best players, however the quests shown on the map do not add up well or are barely visible, making it hard for new players to play the game properly. While the quests are many, the sorting of quest system is not introduced so you might take an hour or so to figure out what quest you are doing. The rest of it, well the game has nothing negative to report about that.

Rating: 8/10


Adventure Quest Worlds. Screenshot_354


The number one flash game from Artix Entertainment, everyone has ever known about, Adventure Quest Worlds. You are a hero, be it a Warrior, Mage, Rogue or Healer in the beginning of character creation. The game is Free-To-Play and only needs a free registration from the site and a verification of your email to be able to chat in the game. The game is basicly about the 13 Lords of Chaos, The queen Of Monsters and many more exciting quests. All you need is your keyboard to chat or login or even join a map and then it is using the mouse from then on. In this multiple maps hit of 2009. Discover the reason behind the Chaos, find out what your destiny is, does it lie with Good or Evil. Are you adventurous enough to brave the dungeons and toughest bosses around? If so, then join Adventure Quest Worlds today. And become the hero you were destined to be. In-Game Features, collect armors, weapons, pets, classes, level up to level 65 as current max level cap. Enjoy events and new releases each end of the week on Do PVP against other players in a friendly world, where you work with other heroes in defeating the enemies of Lore and bring peace back to the once broken world. Venture through amazing designed dungeons, get awesomesauce loot from tough an challenging bosses. You will never be alone, because with the help of other heroes like yourself. You will prevail. The game has an amazing combat system with a well balanced counter. The servers are also very stable and can hold up to 3,000 players per server.  That is alot even for this game. Alot of improvements were made to give players the best possible experience imaginable.


Cons: Now this game has alot of them but here are five. The game involves alot about releases, though much art and creativity goes into the game, barely anything new is added and still needs alot more coding and rewriting as such was declared on the forums. The game has alot of features but many are for Members, players who pay a monthly subscription. Still you can buy the items with AC’s short for Adventure Coins, wich you purchase with real cash. But there is the problem, some artistic items, armors or weapons and even pets, make you wonder if some are really worth 10 USD, only to buy two or three items, yet the refund is going down by 55% after 24 hours. The game their moderators are most of the time barely helpful and usually more experienced players do have the answers they do not, this makes you doubt if Artix Entertainment’s staff  it is any qualified in helping.  The game sometimes also lacks a certain touch, making it more open and not too story based, yet there are alot of funny moments, making it a game for all ages. The game itself lacks sometimes on background story of a certain even or chapter. The game itself still looks in 2D amazing, yet even if they updates most of it, the original areas sometimes still look like pre-beta testing. And it will not take you long to find a bug or glitch.

Rating: 8/10


Well that is the review for this time, be sure to follow me either on twitter or on for further updates.


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