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Okay it is time for the next 4 games to be reviewed, both MMO types and regular played on a Online basis. The next games have nothing with eachother in common and also have their pros and cons, like the previous review, i will also rate these games and place strict judgement on them. On all elemetns included and their fails. Enjoy.


World Of Warcraft.



A game everyone was waiting for in the beginning of the 21st century took the stage with an epic world. Be a member of the Alliance, consisting of Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes and more. Or be part of the Horde, consisting of Orcs, Trolls, Ogres and even Goblins and more. The game varies with large worlds combined with an interactive UI and skill HUD, making it able to use a combination of skills to buff yourself and other heroes in your party, while tackling the toughest dungeons, quests and the most toughest of bosses. The game plays itself in Azeroth, Lordaeron, Kalimdor and many other continents, creating with the side quests, a story for each player, with a main storyline added for the race of the two factions you play with. Combined this gave a new insight into the game world giving you more insight of what the game involves about and what you should expect as the story further unfolds. The game has alot of pros: Lots of quests, a huge community of players, massive worlds, challenging bosses and dungeons and even top gameplay.

But there are also some cons: Free-To-Play till level 20, then you need a monthly subscribtion to keep playing, yet most stuff and storyline quests are locked till you buy the expansions, who also got quite the price tag, even if bought you only get 5 levels per expansion, making the most respected online game, look like what other games do aswell with their released expansions. The game is also after all these years still limited to their original graphics, making it hard to determine if the game is still worth playing, this and that the game is also infamous for accounts being hacked all the time. This offcourse gives no more way, since players doubt the security of the game. The money needed to keep such server online is a huge amount and not ludicrous. Some even ask if they have problems how to solve their issues with the game and are send to the forums, that are a maze with too many solutions, from wich most do not actually work and only make things worse. The community is not as friendly as expected, many serious life threats do happen occassionally and therefore the game has been judged as inapropiate for players new to MMORPG’s.

Rating: 6/10


The next game is a different type of MMO, this is a mysterious one at best with the use of the Codemasters created engine for the game that did not do so well during its predecessor.


Archlord II


The game Archlord II, follows up where the first game left off, like all stories you beaten the boss in the first game and then a few hundered years passed. Where the second game started as a fruitfully hoped successor. The game now does not invlolve the PVE, but more PVP to increase your stats and continue with the storylines. The game istelf was online for a short time, but for many problems that kept occuring and like Archlord I it had too much to do with pay and play, the game is not expected to officially release in the next few years.


Cons: there are no pros on this game, they have not made any improvements to the game, everything is still as it was, mouldy, dusty and pathetic. I cannot find one good thing about this game that has been exploited so many time. The PVE enviroment still has alot of bugs and glitches, yet the client is still unstable. Thus i end it here.

Rating: 2/10


Star Wars: The Old Republic



Be in the galaxy in a time far far way…

The Star Wars galaxy was in a huge celebration when the futuristic game The Old Republic took the stage, the game has two Factions, who hate eachothers guts, the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. While choosing the sides you can choose, from the elegant Smuggler and wise Jedi Knight, to the ruthless Sith Warrior or the crafty Bounty Hunter, from the tales about the Republic Trooper and the Jedi Sage, to the merciless Sith Inquisitor or the infiltrating Imperial Agent. All classes have their stories they follow, but how you follow them is up to you. The game is a sequel to the famous Knights of the Old Republic series. And is taking place 3,000 years before Anakin Skywalker was even born. Do heroic missions and flashpoints with fellow players for challenging opponents and bosses, choose a dark or light path during your missions, each with their own rewards or consequences. Travel to planets, each with their own cultures, flora/fauna and dangerous secrets. And test your mettle in a tough PVP versus other players. Be it with teams or with the Galactic Starfighter space fights. Make sure you go in the universe, out as among the legends.

Cons: The game game is limited to level 50 and subscribers who pay monthly can get things done in a day like leveling, what a free-to-play takes a whole year for and a premium 8 months. Most PVP items are subscriber only along with many options, like exp resting areas. Solely the game has been made for subscriber only, but since the dwindle in players it was made free-to-play. The game has not really been fully balanced and still needs players to play on low textures to be able to play the game, all other resolutions can be played with a PC, custom created for over $10,000 USD, giving them an unfair advantge of the experience they get with the game. The game is mostly like Mass Effect, including the decisions, limiting the choices you can make significantly. The worlds are big, but are most of the time too straight foreward of what you should do, resulting in a quick boredom of certain planets or areas. Some missions require more players help, since the enemy is not well balanced and makes it overkill to sometimes complete them.

Rating: 7/10


Tera Online


Here is a game where you adventure to your content to play your quests to your liking, with enough enemies to crush. The story goes about a great was of races who fought for ages, the effect of what brought their tree of balanced to the state of corruption and awakening a great even that was lying dormant under it and bring back the world to eternal darkness. You are one of the heroes sent from the heavens and a hero to your race to prevent this from happening. You are not alone, other heroes will join you and together you will try to fix the error of the mistakes made during the race war. Complete quests, choose from Humans, Castanic, both Wood and Dark Elves, Popori, Aman as race and more, travel through astounding worlds, form new parties with amny new allies and find out what this evil is what is causing all of the trouble and permanently put a stop to it.


Cons: The game if not played for a year, all your progress is being erased. So you have to start from scratch, most missions you need alot of help finishing them. The combat system on the monsters end is good, but yours is more of running around and hoping not to get hit. Big worlds with hardly any additional quests. The game is more about farming than PVE or PVP based gameplay. Skills and buffs do not stack well and half of the time fail to work. Community is not always helpful. The game has some issues with the client running half of the time. Only play is mot of the time laggy, because the chat has not gotten the right filters, so alot of sexual and harrassing content can be shown. Even if there is a filter engaged, many find a new way of bugging other players, therefore ruining the game experience. Mods or GameMasters are most of the time either half-asleep or not trained enough to handle situations, making calling for help both in-game as on the forums, mostly a use of time.

Rating: 6/10


These were the reviews. these 4 have been judged, reviewed and rated.  More to come soon. Hope you will wait until then.

NOTE: Strict Judgement is needed showing in the Cons or the bad things, what they failed at doing so, if you look for the Pros, they are in the introduction of the game included.



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