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From E3 to Oh No and Back Again

After months of preparation the plane landed in The LAX (Los  Angeles) Airport late Friday night after a 2 hour delay out of MKE (Milwaukee). Being it was two hours ahead of our time, 10 PM was still 12 AM for my wife and I and the onset of yawns and fighting to keep my eyelids open indicated it was time to get to the hotel. After using Uber for the first time and taking in the nightlife of this busy city we arrived at our destination, got unpacked, and called it a night. Dreaming of the adventures in which we would partake in the upcoming week.

Saturday came and a promise to my wife of visiting Universal Studios for the soul reason to check out the world of Harry Potter, had come. All day we had pure fun seeing shows, enjoying  rides, and even visiting Springfield, until I received a text in which it instructed me to call a friend of mine immediately. As the phone rang I painted senarios in my head of what this could be about. The news, as I feared, was bad, stated that the tickets that we were to get for E3 fell through and there was a high chance that my happiness of this anticipated week would turn into one of despair. As I got off the phone the thought of not attending E3 put me in a dazed trance as I was trying to make the best of it for my wife. As I got through the day I was hoping for some sunny skies for the next day to relieve me of this hypnotic state.

Sunday soon arrived and even though the fog of the situation had not lifted, we headed to the Mall where Microsoft was holding there Fanfest. We were in the standby line so we did not receive any cool Microsoft swag, but we did manage to get a fanfest breifing badge to attend Microsofts press conference Monday morning. At least we could attend that in spite of the E3 news.

That evening after not getting into Bethesdas conference after waiting in line for 3 hours I had lost hope in my dream to walk the E3 floors and  play my beloved Nintendo games. As I fell asleep that night I reassured myself miracles can happen.

I got up early the next morning and got ready for Microsofts press confrence after waiting a few hours we were seated and the briefing began, I was blown away by the software, hardware, and attention to detail and savored every bit of information thrown at me. As the show had ended screams of joy erupted all around me only to find out Microsoft had sent out an email allowing the fanfest attendees to take part in E3! I could not believe how lucky we were to receive this. How could this happen? I felt so grateful and thankful for the second chance to get into E3.

So the good news is that I did indeed get the chance to attend E3 and learned a great lesson that can be applied to your everyday life. You may have everything in order but there will always be hurdles to overcome, but when you overcome these hurdles the reward is that much more rewarding. In life and in video games the challenges you face will continue and though in a game you can reset and continue your adventure, in life this is not the case so make the most of what has been given to you and face the challenges head on and you will see a difference in your own world.

I will write how the rest of my E3 went in follow up articles and fill you in on the games and devices I saw and experienced! Feel free to comment and ask questions, would love to respond.

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