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4 mainstream games people have been playing since they were open beta

Recently a lot of players have been playing these games for as long they were in Open Beta. The games do have a large number of players. That, however stands to differ with others who do not realize the games do have their flaws. I will rate the total of the games with my current experience as we take out 4 games and give a short review about them, alongside with my opinion and judgement as I rate the games on their pros and cons.


  1. World of Tanks


World of Tanks or WOT is a massive multiplayer online game of both 3rd and 1st person modes. The game involves around PvP maps where players battle each other using a variety of tanks, artillery, light tanks and yes, even medium and heavy tanks, as the name described. The game is available at for free-to-play. Whatever the game has might be just what you look for: a friendly community, good gaming experience and a good fight.

However there are cons. The game lacks decent rendering of graphics, even the HD version looks like it has been collecting dust for over a hundred years. And there are too many rules to obey, while in the game, one misstep could vary from 1 hour to 1 week banned from the game, ruining it most of the time for many enthusiasts. Therefore, the game has a help desk, who is not very helpful in these situations.

Rating: 6/10


2. Forsaken World


The game Forsaken World, which came out on the PC/Mac, is an example of how characters could travel and quest in a world of mystic and legend, with even the additional races to choose from like Elves, Dark Elves and even Vampires or Werewolves, aka the Kidred. The game involves all about a great destroyer who might return one day. In that world to end it, your job is to do quests and missions, grow stronger and unravel more of the great destroyer, such as its origins and also how to beat it. Luckily, you are not alone. In this world, all players are your allies and together you stand on the brink of war with the legions of the destroyer and the main boss himself.

Although the game has in its own advantage from being built as a stand-alone expansion of the Perfect World series, it still lacks an innovative gameplay routine. After a few runs through the events, the game basically becomes routine, never adding something new to the system in general. Sometimes, some enemy monsters keep getting stuck at some players,  and they walk right through a mountain when returning to its original position. This could create an imbalance and most of the time the client crashes.

Rating: 7/10


3. Dragon’s Prophet


This  is a game many where looking forward to since it was announced. You play with a customized character, the Dragon Rider, one of few gifted with the power of taming a dragon. The game is about fighting another great destroyer, the Lord of the Doom and his Doom Dragons. For helping you on such a task, you have the power of taming a dragon, on who you both ride and battle with as partners against numerous odds. You can collect a wide variety of dragons, PVP with them versus other players or PVE together with other players by clearing out dungeons and quests. Once you rise your dragon, both your stats and attributes become one. The game has a lot of advantages and beautiful scenery. Why walk when you can rise a dragon and glide over the entire map? And even lay waste enemies from the air. It is a dream come true for those looking for a challenge with dragon bosses. The dungeon can be based on your level, giving an even challenging experience while clearing it.

This game barely comes with any cons. It is sometimes laggy and requires you to have a strong PC/Mac to play it. The game also has sometimes not a good combat system as you do not need to face your opponent to attack it. It has lastly a collection system for crafters, where you might be busy months before being able to create an item.

Rating: 9/10


4. DC Universe Online



Now who has not been dreaming to be a hero or a villain? Well, in this game it is possible. Dc Universe Online, or DCUO for short, send you into the world of Superman, Batman and the Joker. Each side has iconic heroes from whom they get their main missions, but also additional missions from other heroes or villains. The game is about the place where Lex Luthor finally defeated Superman. While Superman dies, he says: “You have lost everything…”. While Lex looks up, he sees an invasion force of Brainiac ships entering Earth. Thus, with the help from the future, Batman travels back in time and releases a robotic creature known as the exobyte into the Earth. A few years from then, while convincing the heroes of the threat of Brainiac coming to Earth, the millions of exobytes come into the Earth’s atmosphere, creating new super heroes along with super villains. And this is where your story starts. You create a custom hero or one based on your favorite hero or villain and lay waste to brainiac’s forces.

The game does have a mass of cons in it, that is why this one i did last. The first one is the leveling system. It is fast the first 5 levels, then it get rather sluggish. What the game lacks more is the stability of servers and also a filter in its chat system. It even requires you to buy certain packs to unlock, new powers, areas and heroes. This however does create a massive strain on the system resulting into a lagging problem with the generating graphics in the cities of Gotham and Metropolis, and also in areas like Central City. The powers look awesome and the modding is not bad to increase the stats, but like Forsaken World, the game becomes a routine after a while and does not create enough opportunities to play it as it should be. The basic stats can also be called a mess. Instead of putting them in different menus, they mashed the PVE and PVP stats together, making it hard to see which set is good for which area. This and the story bounding with the story you get from your mentor only get you going left and right for no reason with no specific goal ahead.

Rating: 3/10

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