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Join me on a journey to E3

My life changes today. I am boarding a plane, going across the country, to what I hope is a gamers paradise. What should I expect from this experience? Will it change my perspective on this industry? How can I better myself? These questions I hope will all be answered by the end of next week, but will this bring about new, more perplexing questions?

Though I am mainly going to this to fulfill a dream I had since highschool to attend E3, I secretly am hoping to become more prevalent in this industry, not only as an enthusiast, but as a person who influenced someone. Whether it be through articles, media, or being part of a game development team, I know anything is possible.

I will continue to stive for these answers I seek and would love for you to be part of this journey as I experience for the first time the mysteries of E3! I will keep you up to date as it approaches. Wish me luck!

Please follow me @stillsaneshane If your going to E3 please get in touch, would love to talk or try out your game!


Join us!

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        1. Nintendo with the new Zelda game! I always look forward to Bethesda’s games and hope we see more fallout4 dlc. No mans sky I’m interested in as well. I love surprises so a few of those in the mix are always good!

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