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Passion drives us to success

Do you remember your earliest memory? Maybe it was learning how to ride a bike or getting on the school bus and making your first friend. For me, one of my earliest memories is the summer before kindergarten when my parents bought an NES, (Nintendo Entertainment System.) My mom and I played every Mario Brothers title and each play through was just as fun as the last. This experience  started a lifelong passion of art in motion. Before my eyes I was exposed to exploration, history, logic, reading, science, mythology, and so much more to fuel ones mind, while shaping my future along the way.

Now fast forward to my college years, where that passion still remained. I studied hard and in the end it paid off! I received an Associates degree in Multimedia and a Bachloers degree in Digital Entertainment & Game Design. Both of which have helped me with my current career as an Engineering Techncian. Though it’s not what I saw myself doing I really enjoy my work in this field.

This week I am preparing to go to E3, a dream I had back in high school. I know that my passion has fanned the flame to get me to this place, as well as the knowledge I have gained along the way. Here are a few ideas or concepts that have helped me get here.

The first one is knowledge. Obtain it, harness it, do whatever you can to wield its power over any situation. You might not always know something but realize someone else will and by using their knowledge as a resource will only help you improve your own.

The second is passion, I have reiterated this throughout this glimpse into my world. Passion promotes a better understanding of who you are and what you want to dedicate your life too. Without passion you are without the spark that makes you unique and will be forever a cookie cutter among the workplace and everyday life. Everyone should have a passion in some form or another.

Lastly is the frequent use of social media. A while back I didn’t really know how to use Twitter and one day I decided to set myself a goal to get 100 followers so I liked peoples comments, gave feedback when I could, and provided fun and unique topics for my followers. I was soon getting offers to write for websites and receiving free game codes to play on my WiiU and 3DS. I also won a few contests including one from Rareware. Even this very post that I’m writing is because of social media as well as why I am going to E3! So get out there and mingle.

Today I look back on the days I played NES with my mom and can’t help but think, would I be where I am today? Would I have the same passion that I have now? Who knows, but I like the direction I’m headed in, I hope you are just as successful!

Follow me on Twitter @stillsaneshane and feel free to give me feedback! I will try and post during E3 so feel free to keep tabs. Thanks!


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  1. Interesting article, enjoyed how you really applied your video game passion and drive to something everyone can relate too.

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