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Star Wars: The old Republic: Knights Of The Fallen Empire UPDATE

Well everyone, it has been since 2011 that Star Wars: The Old Republic became F2P short for Free-To-Play. And almost 2 years now the game was expanded by the most epic story of its lifetime on the servers, i am talking about Knights Of the Fallen Empire or KOTFE for short. The game did as always going about the universe the right way, an immortal emperor, a jealous son, obsessed daughter, a rebelous mother. And with that your character in the middle of it all as the Outlander. Now this small review is only about some ideas what to expect. It is an update of what Bioware has been cooking up for the last months. We will bring to light both Profit and Plunder and Mandalore’s Revenge. Do note to play these you need to be a monthly subscriber wich honestly costs real money, since they need that to keep the game running.

Free-To-Play is max level 50, 55 if Hutt Cartel Expansion DLC is bought and another 5 levels if you also bought the Shadow of Revan Expansion DLC. (DLC means Downloadable Content). Though you only need $2 USD, permanently up grade from Free-To-Play to Premium or Preffered, giving you an additional 5% Credits and Items drops along with an additional 10% Experience gain rate. 

The Subscribers get around 14x the same amount. Making them rocketteer into the max level in one or two days. But that is acceptable since they keep the game servers going with monthly subscribtion, counting from $12 USD per month to $60 USD each 180 days


And once bought, will be automaticly unlocked while its being downloaded, adding more story missions and increasing you max level cap to a total of 60 Subscribers get a max level cap of 65, since when they subscribe a membership they also unlock the Knight Of The Fallen Empire for free as long as they have subscriber membership.



The next part contains some spoiler for those who have not yet played the game, so please stop reading for now, those who do not care. Well they can keep reading. At their own risk.


The Story so far:


The game, since its start, was all about Arkan, the one son of the immortal emperor Valkorion and his mother Senya, As for Valkorion he is the same emperor you were hunting down. Arkcann is after his seal and the seat of the throne, he will in Chapter 1 gain this and blame you for all of this, you are captured and you escape eventually, thanks to the help of an old companion and friend, Lana Beniko. Together you flee Arkan and travel to Zakuul and find allies in the strangest places. And prepare with them not only a legendary ship, but also a crew an alliance of both Republic and Empire to fight off Arcann and his forces for once and for all.

As for Darth Marr won’t be joining though, he got killed while refusing to bow to the emperor. So did your character. And this gave Arcann the chance he needed to end his father’s reign and claim the throne for himself, branding you the murderer.

This is as far as the story took you, from time and time again, finding answers of their mother, Senya, joining your side and helping you into setting all of this straight since the daeth of her other son by Arcann’s hand, yet unwillingly, Valkorion twisted his mind into what he did was right. And thus after their father’s demise, Arcann did the same thing to Vaylin, his sister. Twisting her into any ways possible, that their mother is a traitor amongst their enemies. Though in doubt about these allegations, she follows her brother still in the impending conflict. Where as the new alliance created anew base of operations. Everyone working together in balance while Shatele Shan and the spirit of Darth Marr watch over them.

There have been alot of missions since then. But now it is time to go back to those two expansions and what makes them so interesting.


Profit And Plunder

The chapter is essentially going about what you expect, you and two of the companions each one comming from Empire and Republic are gonna play abit of piracy. On Arcann’s vault. Knowing it might be heavily fortified, they call you in to assist them in thining Arcann’s forces their numbers in there, so when you have done that check in the vault and finding what secrets might lie there for you. I will say this, expect heavy resistance and more than one boss in this chapter. If this is really his vault he would have done the best to prepare himself and would not think otherwise when to try and kill your character.

But do not lose hope, some traps can used to your advantage aswell as ambushes, with the legendary duo at your side.


Mandalore’s Revenge

We all know this one, Mandalore was the one who gave the one strong bounty hunter (if you played the bounty hunter story, then you know who i am talking about), the title of captain, in the Blacklist Mercenaries, his person Mandalorian forces. Now Mandalore, cannot do business, not only because he keeps losing loyal men, but also because of the impending threat Arcann posed to his operations. At one of those points half of his fleet and forces where wiped out for no reason, but Arcann’s lust for conquest.  For all this he sends you do a legend named Shae Vizla, with who’s help you are gonna raid and fight against all of  Arcann’s forces and defeat them before it is too late and Arcann’s control of subjucation takes the turn to full domination of all in the universe. So unite the clans and show Arcann, that he wished he was never born.



As promised here are some extras for those who do not know what Star Wars: The Old Republic is. It is a Free-To-Play futuristical MMO-RPG.

Where as you can choose the fight as the Galactic Republic Or the Sith Empire.

Galactic Republic Classes: Jedi Knight, Jedi Counselor, Smuggler, Trooper.

Sith Empire Classes: Sith Warrior, Sith Inquisitor, Bounty Hunter, Imperial Agent.

For more information, about the game check the main site in a link below and also the trailers there aswell, This was the update on Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights Of The Fallen Empire.

For more information about the game please visit:

or leave a comment and i will contact with you shortly.



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