This will be my first official post I wanted to talk a bit about "Sweet home 3D" and Review it a bit. It is a great Free 3D modeling Program that you can download from their website. This image is a model that I have made myself using the program for the video that we're working on here at "Gamma Llama Studio's"

Screenshot (53).png


First off, I would like to state that on this model I made as a hotel I have left the windows out and doors. All that I inserted are the frames to make the needed holes in the model. The reason for this is because I'm importing it into the "Unreal Engine 4" and it would be difficult to import every thing separate just so I can make the Windows a breakable mesh and the door's openable. So the only things I have really inserted into the house is stuff that I don't want to be broken.

Screenshot (54).png

If you look you will notice rooms with bathtubs in them and that there is a rug. These are my non breakable meshes. But I am only using common meshes that are simple to make, also because for video games you must have unique furniture that you made yourself. Blender 3D is perfect for that and it is free to use.

The hardest part about sweet home 3D is getting the roof onto the top of the building. We found that there are models for the roof that you have to insert scale and move around. It is a bit difficult to get the right spots for it so the roof is to your needs.

Screenshot (55).png

Laying out the walls and floors is a bit interesting on this program. I believe it is used also for making blue prints for houses for construction companies because you can make a perfect blue print of the house itself.