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Making Chill the Piro: an interview with the developers


Talking to people from almost everywhere around the globe is one of best things of running a blog on indie games. We often get in touch with amazing developers and this is also thanks to our Twitter accounts (@AprenderGameDev and @GameDevBrBot) where we always share whatever we publish here and get feedback from the gamers and game developers following us.

This time, we were pleased to learn about the existence of Chill the Piro, a game created by Sergey Marchenko (35) and Vyacheslav Ozolnieks (26), two computer scientists from the city of Magnitogorsk, located in the region of Ural Mountains in Russia. They gave us an interview that we’re glad to share with you on this post.


Photo: Magnitogorsk, Russia


First of all, congratulations for your game! I’ve played Chill the Piro and I have to say it’s a really nice game. I thought it would be an action game similar to Firemen, but its focus is much more strategic. What were your references for making this game?

Marchenko and Ozolnieks:

There is the game named “Flame Over” in Steam like SNES “The Fireman”, by the way, with a similar style. But yes, we are more focused on strategy and solving puzzles (as well as games centered around planning your actions and quick decision making). Our project is an adaptation of the initial game ideas found in Infernal Combustion (Pyromania), 1984. But the main differences from the old version of the game is a departure from the arcade model towards the solving of puzzles with a narrative. We wanted to make not a clone or remake of that old game, but something original and memorable.

We did not have a clear development plan from the very beginning. Actually, all the significant ideas emerged in the process. We would just play it and decide whether our ideas were interesting or not. By the way, some bugs and errors that appeared in the game were so funny and interesting that we turned them into the pyromancer character tricks.

In general, we tried to make a game in the old classic style, but with good graphics and some non-standard gameplay.



Are you currently working exclusively with game development?

Marchenko and Ozolnieks:

Sergey nas been only working with game development, exclusively. Vyacheslav has been working also as a system administrator.



How was the production process of Chill the Piro? How long did it take and what challenges have you guys faced for making it?

Marchenko and Ozolnieks:

The game was developed in our free times, including the weekends, mostly. We actively used what we call a “kitchen based technology design along with a knee assembly”. We’re not joking. That’s really a game we made in the kitchen during our spare time. And we can now say we had one hand holding a sandwich and the other one for coding. 

The game project began in September, 2014. The total time spent on its creation was about 5 months.

The main difficulties we had were about exporting all the animations from Flash and the fact that in the beginning it was not very fun. And yes, when the development of a project takes more than a year, the main challenge is the fatigue we get from working on it and a recurring desire to trash it.



Besides programing, what else have you done on this game? Are the sound effects also your work? What about the art?

Marchenko and Ozolnieks:

The graphics and animation we had to order from freelancers, as we do not know how to draw.

We did the same with the music and sound effects. First, we used free resources from sites like (, and then we decided to pay a composer for soundtrack and the sound effects

To be fair, we would like to thank the following people whose work was very important for this project.

Dmitry Kornilov – artist, animator.

Dmitry Tapilin – artist.

Andrey Litvinov – music and sounds.

Jonathan T Coleman – voiceover and other voices.



I played some of your previous games and I noticed that you have always used different platforms to develop them. Why did you choose Unity 3D for the production of Chill the Piro?

Marchenko and Ozolnieks:

We already had some experience in this environment and its free version was all we need for making this game.



Have you made any sales projection for Chill the Piro? What are your expectations?

Marchenko and Ozolnieks:

We expect to sell about 5000-6000 copies, at least. We’re judging that considering similar games out there being sold on that same price range.



What are your plans for the future? Do you already have any ideas for a new game project or maybe for porting Chill Piro to another platform?

Marchenko and Ozolnieks:

We will be porting Chill the Piro to mobile devices shortly.



Do you have any advices for those who are now just starting to create their own games?

Marchenko and Ozolnieks:

Patience and a little effort. And don’t try to learn everything at once.

Sergey Marchenko
Vyacheslav Ozolnieks

You can fine more about Sergey Marchenko  and Vyacheslav Ozolnieks on their social media profiles:




Google Plus:

And if you want a copy of Chill the Piro, get it now on Steam.


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