League of Angels II

GTArcade has been busy again and we are gonna look into what they cooked up this time, in this game review.

A new game following the old one, we all have seen this happening from time to time. Until the game LoA or League of Angels, got a sequel, finally after a few years. The second game starts where the League of Angels left off, you beaten the dark lord only to find out in the second game that the once united realm has split into 3 factions, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.


The Three Kingdoms

There will be a challenge, you will next to monsters also face three kingdoms each with their own unique heroes:

The Midas Kingdom – Jewel of Sapphire


The Tempest Kingdom – Forged by Fire


The Celestial Kingdom – Winged Sanctuary


The game will progress your character through the storyline of all three kingdoms where you as will have the job to fight them, to prove the power or you adventure group, known as the League of Angels, where as  these kingdoms heroes will be amongst the many you can battle and later when either lucky or patient have them fight at your side.

Type Of Gameplay

The game resembles much of it’s predecessor, except for a better balanced gameplay and 3D game visuals. The game has been set as a Beta-Test still yet the screenshots look alot promising then first thought of. The straight ingenuity into the game engine was done with 3D graphic recording using movements with a live 3D camera into the characters, giving a smoother ride for all those who wanted the game to be more than about too much menu’s and certain events preventing a decent BR (Short for Battle Rating) upgrade.


Seen here the 3D is making the game worth it, even versus a boss like Plague Queen.


Login Options And How It Works


This is something most peculiar, unlike normally GtArcade the brains behind the series, made a simple yet impressive way of logging in. This is done either on their site or as you can see in a client you can download from their site aswell.


Website Login


Client Login


They are both strong login points and can be linked to either a standard login or if you have an excellent anti-virus with a strong firewall, i recommend trying it via either FaceBook, Twitter or Google+.

The only difference of the game from site and the client is, that the site does not actually fully support the 3D animations of the game making it regress to the first game’s graphics, that is why on the website you can download the mini client that solves this problem and even speeds up the gameplay. giving better results without the problem of a constant lag.

The Character

The main item of the game is running around with beatiful goddesses or a mighty strong men, for both male and female players alike, to battle them against that of other players and upgrading, augmenting (using crystals to upgrade their base stats) and even leveling them. Yet this is all fun, the true challenge is that you can upgrade and improve your hero, the main character ofcourse aswell.


You can do basicly the same as your heroes do, upgrading, augmenting, leveling (yet you level through quests and they through experience scrolls, gianed from either elite quests or through the game and arena shops) even refining at some point is unlocked. But what happens at level 1 is the most amazing one, you can choose a mount already at that level, even if you have to wait till a fairy who explains the tutorial and you are forced to do until a certain level when you can actually click on it, you do not need a special quest to unlock it. Also in addition, you get through mission badges where as you can use to upgrade your title and certain titles you name changes and you become alot stronger. The game has it’s perks on the main character too.


Yet just by doing that won’t increase your Battle Rating, you also need heroes.


Heroes And How To Get Them

The heroes are part of building up your Battle Rating really fast. And to do that is either summon them through a circle or collect them with shards and when you have enough of those, merge them into a hero to add to your ranks. Most of the time you get a Blue (UNCOMMON) hero and somethimes if lucky a Purple (EPIC) Hero. The more rare the hero the better the increase of Battle Rating offcourse like the hero as seen in the screenshot your heroes you summoned will have armor sets also on collected from the Elite bosses.

Each hero in it’s own can attribute to expand your battle rating, the more heroes of high Battle Rating you have the higher you maximum Battle Rating is and the faster you can complete fights in the PvP arena, Elite Bosses and normal missions. For some are easily gainable andlevel along with you from the start, some like Orange Heroes (LEGENDARY) usually need a special card or shards to be collected with.


But once collected enough, you can click on them once the shards turn green and they will be added to the heroes in the screen above shows, yet you still have to level them up from level 1, note you can only hold as many heroes as the game allows at certain levels, after level 30 you can also assign a hero you do not use as a ally hero giving your team an additional boost in attack or defense power.

The Overall

I have been playing the game for a while and yes it has it’s perks still in my own opinion, if you are excited to try the game, i will leave a link below where as you can also watch the trailer of the game, but in my review for the first time i rate this game an 8/10 stars. The game still has a long way to go, but as far as it stands for now, it is on the right path.

League of Angels II Website: http://loa2.gtarcade.com/

For those who want to see the gameplay. Click the link below.

Educational Tutorial Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EXIf7ZfU3Y



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