I love my Steam weekly deals. They are the reason I put up with Mondays. But this week, the offerings on Steam are quite slim. The acclaimed Cave Story is on sale for around $10, but that's not much of a deal. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is the same price, but ten bucks just isn't ghetto enough for me!

BundleStars came through this week in a big way. This may be the first time I've even seen them offer games I want to play, but not only do they have two decent bundles right now, they have a number of interesting games in their store.

$5.00 - Killer Bundle 7

This bundle includes the Dragon Age - looking RPG Bound by Flame. Ordinarily, Bound by Flame will run you thirty bucks. For five dollars, and bundled with the well-received 200% Orange Juice and others? Yeah, that's a good deal. But...

$3.99 Must Play Bundle 2

Includes Among the Sleep, the horror adventure that has been on my radar for quite a while. This is the bundle I'm going to get. I love me some horror adventure and Among the Sleep looks rad. It's bundled with World End Economica, which is a very well-reviewed Japanese visual novel. Looks good if you're into that. I'm not. But hey, it takes all kinds.

Ghetto Deal of the Week - To the Moon, $2.49

Ordinarily running $10.00, the BundleStars price of $2.49 is a steal, considering this game has over 21,000 Steam reviews with 97% of them being positive. What!? Why am I not getting it?

To the Moon tells a deeply moving story about doctors traveling into a dying man's memory. I'm not sure I'm ready for that kind of emotional stress. The game looks like a SNES original, with an emotional and haunting soundtrack that scares me with its intensity. You should get it. I would, but I'm too sensitive for this shit.