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Review: AdventureQuest 3D

AdventureQuest 3D “BATTLE ON!!!“


The game known as AdventureQuest 3D or “AQ3D” for short, has been in development since 2012. And has just recently ended its Alpha and entered its Pre-Beta stage, before going to Closed Beta, to find all of the bugs and glitches that still remain, before heading into closed Beta. The game itself has made a huge improvement from the day it was first created as an idea, to what is now known as the Next-Gen Cross-Server Massive Multiplayer Online RolePlaying Game or “NXCrossMMORPG” means players can play the game from their mobile phones or tablets and meet people playing from anywhere. Working together to tackle difficult bosses and quests. It does not matter where you are, once you log into the game and enter the world, you start the story of your character.

How it all began


Around April 2012, there came a rumor of a 3D game being developed by Artix Entertainment.LCC, the creators of AdventureQuest Classic, DragonFable and the by now famous AdventureQuest Worlds. They came up with the idea of creating a game that would blow the minds of their fans. So Legends Of Lore was born. It was a new game, but unlike the other games it came into an element they did not yet master. The game was launched first on a FlashPlayer hoping to support the strain of a game made in 3D modeling. Back then, the game was still limited to one room and not much development could be put into the game in a short period of time. Mid 2013 Flash did stop supporting 3D engines and thus the project was suddenly discontinued. Unable to find a way to work around it; Artix Entertainment shelved the project hoping to be able to pick it up in another form later on. In 2014 a new team was created and they started anew with the models and buildings they had from the previous game and turned over a new chapter in their development. This time the 3D game would be made in Unity, a promising engine supported by most browser and devices.With coders and 3D modelers, that still had to learn working with Unity, they slowly but surely created the basis of the game AQ3D, by ‘exercising’ on creating Unity based mobile games like BattleGems, AQ Dragons and Undead Assault. The AE developers picked up Unity pretty quick thanks to this and in less than 2 years NPC’s were made, surroundings were created and they programmed the core engine into the 3D game, making it ready for Tech Demo testing end 2015. The new AQ3D was remodeled into the unity environment and all the work that had been shelved back in 2012 suddenly began to take shape and make sense featuring a lot of idea’s what Artix Entertainment’s active community had been waiting for!


The Phases From Scratch to a Game


When the new version of the game was created in the Late 2015, it launched its first Tech Demo, where players who had a Membership on AdventureQuest Worlds, could login into the game and help point out the bugs, glitches and errors, that kept the game from working properly. And they could also give ideas how to improve the game’s playability and its style by playing the games. And do suggestions about content or features. This was all shared via a chat in-game, via the game testers The Artix Entertainment Bug Hunting System, and live interaction with the developers in game and via Social Media. Then after some months the Tech Demo ended and there came the Alpha phase of testing. In the Alpha phase the game went into a transformation from simply hunting bugs, the game was now testing on its engine, the plugin that was once FlashPlayer was replaced by Unity WebPlayer, a mediaplayer able to handle 3D game on the web more effectively then anything ever seen. The testing also took in the bugs relating to certain quests, glitches being exploited, giving other players an unfair advantage. And eventually, even the Combat System was added giving players a set of skills and test them with the game, the classes that were tested were Warrior, Rogue and Mage, though their own skills were not net created, you could equip the class and not much was done for it, until the end of 2015, when the HUD and UI in the game were added and the classes each had their own skills.


The update also unlocked many new areas, in the beginning you had GreenGuardForest, a monster cave and dark woods with Shadow Wolves and Undead walking around, now you even have Graveyards and even a tower of the undead, there are even events added. Yet the basics of the game still apply and so do their rules. The game had then already a level cap of 3, since not much was done into the testing the monsters and most of the time one of them either froze or did not attack at all. At December 2015 this was all fixed, along with a new menu, new skills a new class known as the Guardian was added. And suddenly the game started to move alot smoother, half December the Trainers and the Forge were added to the game, expanding it even further, at first there was only the Inn, now the game has more areas open. More NPC’s were added each with their own quests or shop.


Funding for a Game


The game balanced out alot more, but then it ended and the game was in need of funding. That was already announced in the end of November. The game needed a funding of at least $100,000 US Dollar to keep on creating the game to completion. As a surprise many people wanted to back Artix Entertainment in their struggle of getting their funding and so they started a donation request at KickStarter for the game and reward, player who did got with certain rewards. $1 got a thank you, $10 got a Alpha gear for the game, $25 gotten the Founder and Guardian achievements along with the Guardian Class (This went live on their own site, to buy for players who could not donate during the event).

Then there was the $50 reward, that was all of the above and more extra items. $100 was all of the above was all of the above special versions of all starting classes and $150 was all of the above and a Shadow Wolf Morph for fast traveling, then it went really insane, $500 or above could get to design an own weapon of choice and $1000 were allowed to have an NPC in the game.$5,000 all of the above, come and have your own class created for the game along with your own storyline and a visit to the Artix Entertainment Secret Underground lab.


With these rewards the game had to get funding in 31 days, but was almost funded in the first 20 days, so they decided to leave it on. Then after the 21th day they reached their goal to fund the game, yet they left it open, because you never know. At the end of the 30th day their surprise, the game was funded 200%, the number was exactly over $200,000 US Dollars, that’s nearly half a million. With this funding and their idea to have phones and tablets also play through a Cross-Server with the PC/Mac players, they started testing. However the same time as the message of 100% funding the idea to move to Steam since most web browsers announced to drop Unity Support in 2016 since the plugin became pretty big for browsers to handle. So the game was moved to Steam to be given the Greenlight, to be added to their game list. And the web player will be kept up as long as possible until a cliënt is made. And after the 200% funding was hit, they surely were really excited, since Steam approved the Greenlight at the exact same time. Suddenly they were in full business amongst the big upcoming game project.


Final Word


In all perspective the company Artix Entertainment once known a Indie gaming company has come quite far for the last 10 to 12 years, from a game developed in the kitchen of their CEO’s mother to a multi-games management with a golden star named AQ3D, making them hopefully known worldwide.

The games have inspired many players to keep playing them and with that much heart and family feeling poured into it, making even a player new to this, wondering what future might hold this company. Once students just graduated now professional staff members keeping the game up and running. Along with hundreds of volunteers that learn from the experiences every day.  Continuing blowing the minds of their excited and growing community with more news and cheerful interactive game-design.


Possible Release Date: October 2016


You can visit the site at:


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Review by: Kaj Nijman


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