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Kickstart this Game so I can play it!

Update, April 2016 – Demoniaca’s initial Kickstarter campaign was unsuccessful. Developers are still working on the project and plan to relaunch. Read on to learn why to support this title!

I have seen greatness. It brawls and bleeds. It Metroids and it ‘Vanias. And all in an epic and dark Gothic pixel environment.

Demoniaca is the first game I’ve ever pledged to Kickstart. And that’s really saying something.

As a Ghetto Gamer, I don’t usually shell out more than a buck or two. Maybe five if the game is really promising. And I won’t reveal how much I pledged to Mnemosyne, but rest assured it is enough to secure an uncensored copy of this game.

What does uncensored mean? Apparently, in addition to mountains of gore, this game has a rollicking adult-oriented plot. Shamelessness at its finest! It’s MetroidVania for a new generation.

The Plot

Ancestral demons destroy a village and kill every man, woman and child as a blood sacrifice to create a new Tower of Babel.

A disemboweled girl rises from the mountain of smoking corpses.

She is not dead. But not alive.

Somehow in the chaos, her blood was tainted by the demons.

No longer wholly human, the girl stitches her own body back together and sets of on a quest for vengeance.

Along the way, she will face an environment of death and darkness, blood and violence and discover what she has truly become.

(Paraphrased from dev’s Kickstarter page)

The Gameplay

Kickstart this Game so I can play it!

While still unplayable in pre-alpha stages, this game combines a street-brawling fighting system with Metroid-style jumping and platforming. To me this sounds like an awesome combination. I get an impression of Street-Fighter-like special moves to unleash the heroine’s demonic powers. I also get the impression that these moves unlock as you progress through the game.

The platforming looks slick and the environments huge. The pre-alpha trailer shows the camera pulling back and zooming to reveal the size of the maps and give the player a sense of vastness.

One large demon character seems to be a boss, but right now only a single image of it is circulating. One hopes there will be more to follow.

Interaction with other characters is a certainty. Teaser images show NPCs offering to teach you to use your powers and interact with the protagonist about the plot and story. At this time, the NPCs are not playable. But if this thing funds, who knows what might happen?

To the Devs

This looks awesome. You’ve checked all my boxes. This is a game I would have made myself if I could. Rich pixel graphics? Check. Dark plot for grownups? Check. Epic environments? Check.

You’ve got my dollar. And my Steam Greenlight thumb. Now you’ve got my blogging support too. I don’t pull a whole lot of weight, but I love your project and I’ll do what I can to help you get it to market.

Good luck.

~The Ghetto Gamer~


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