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Don’t let The Artful Escape scape

I don’t want to live in a world where wonderful projects like The Artful Scape of Francis Vendetti struggle to reach full collective backing. Call me a romantic, a passionate fool, but since I laid my sorry eyes on this project I couldn’t help but fall in love. Here’s why.

As the name suggests, it feels more like an interactive art project than an actual game until you watch the gameplay. The trailer makes you instantly sure about what’s coming. It’s a cinematic adventure experience that delivers all those pretty postmodern eye-candies we all love to feast on, together with a cohesive, powerful soundtrack that wraps the whole package into what can only be described as a love letter to the senses. It’s not something you should be missing, not at all.

Even the Kickstarter page is a delight

Not satisfied with bringing a stunning piece of gaming art, the game also explores subjective, personal themes which are brought into reflection throughout its psychedelic, surrealist narrative that is distributed between point-and-click adventuring and platforming through landscapes of sound. It summons topics such as the worlds artists can create around their medium, blurring the line between art and reality (think David Bowie becoming Ziggy Stardust).

“Your dialogue choices shape the backstory, image, charisma and the name of Francis’s new stage persona. There’s a plethora of extra-dimensional-animalia to interact with and sample with your field recorder. Play your samples back to gain access to new areas, hypnotize beasts, and create your own alien arrangements. Make landscapes sing with your movement. Play operatic guitar solos through your holographic amplifier. Climb mountains. Ford the planes of space and oblivion. Become an awe-inspiring entertainer from beyond the stars.”

From the developers.

If this isn’t some solid innovation for you then get out of my face.

Looks good to you? Well, it sure as heck looks good to me.

Sadly, not everything is rainbows and hallucinogenic wonders. The project is one full seven days a week from reaching its Kickstarter backing and it needs your contribution to become real. We’ve helped many people getting their projects out there and, as Indie Watchers, it would mean no less than failure to let this one pass unseen. This was a choice made by heart, as we would be strongly disappointed if this project passed unseen.

Francis needs your help, so, head over to the Kickstarter page and help make this happen!!


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