A snapshot into a single dad developer

Hi, I am Joshua Reidland the other half of Reject Force Entertainment. I am a programmer who is being forced by "exploding rubber chicken" (Russell is sort of... completely insane) to be an artist for our title in the works called Run on the Bank. It has taken a lot of hard work, and dedication to get as far as we have for the beta of our current game. I am writing this article to give you a snapshot into a single dad who is currently going through a divorce and is raising a 4-year-old girl while working on art for Run on the Bank. You might be asking yourself wow that seems like a shovel full of drama more than a show on the Lifetime Channel would have. How are you making a game while all this is going on? I don't have time to work on a game, it's way too much... I have great news for you, it is too much! But you know what it’s all worth it if you love making games.


Here is a snapshot on the day of the life of me. I usually wake up in the morning around 55:00 am.I get up and get dressed in a zombie like state ready to destroy the world. I prepare my daughters school clothes and her backpack for school. When I wake her up, she is as angry as I am when getting up.


If only I were being dramatic

That little snot could take on the Incredible Hulk by herself. She gets dressed and then we grab our gear and go to the car. I drop her off at school. I then go through the Madmax style traffic to get to work though the Road Warrior doesn’t have s@$! on Downtown Houston traffic, that’s for sure. I then proceed with my job through the day until I get to lunch. When lunchtime starts I immediately start working on art assets for the game. I work on them for an hour then I go back to work. I work my customer service job for 4 more hours and then pickup my daughter from work. I am already worn out from the day, but I never show it to her. I don’t ever want her to think I’m too tired for her. I then proceed to make my daughter dinner, and then give her a bath. Afterwards, I dry her hair, and then play with her for a couple of hours which I always enjoy. Hungry Hungry Hippos are the rage right now with her.  After playing that I put her to bed, and read her a story of the Dr. Seuss variety.  I then kiss her goodnight, and then I hit the showers. Afterwards I work on art assets until about 10 to 11am until I start falling asleep. I then wake up and repeat it all over again. Welcome to Groundhog Day.

I. guess you are wondering, Ok... what’s the point of all this? Why are you giving me this snapshot into your life? The reason why I am writing about this is because I love making games, it’s my passion. I get sick of some of these whiny wannabe game developers saying that it’s too much to make a game, and quit midway through or before they even begin the project. See Ideas Guy.

It wasn't him, but on hell of a facsimile.

The reason why I am doing art today on my project is because I dealt with this first hand.  I had an artist drop midway through a game, he told me that it was too much to draw, and he didn’t have enough time. The most ironic thing is he is a professional artist and he got his payment before finishing his work, our mistake for such trust in a friend and he does this for a living. He should have just said I don’t have the passion for this, and should have been honest with himself and others on the project.  If you have the passion for it, go for it, but if you don’t, please stay out of the industry, and stop polluting the craft with your garbage because "The garbage man can’t in this industry!".


Best way to toss out dead weight since forever