Id's follow-up to DOOM 2016, a nod to the original Quake, and a fat helping of fan service.

I’ll be honest…

When I found out about Quake Champions, the next installment in id Software’s Quake series, I went on the offensive. This followed close on the heels of 2016’s DOOM, which was released with a great gusto and fanfare which it sincerely deserved.  You see, DOOM gave us a great single-player experience that – while different from the old-school – was true to the feel of id’s original hits. Not to mention the abundance of fan service which I truly enjoyed.

Now compare that to the upcoming Quake Champions. Hell, compare that to every Quake game except Q1 and Q2. No single-player experience. At. All.

Wait … why don’t you care?

Turns out I’m vastly in the minority in that I really prefer single-player games. I’m not a competitive gamer. I’m not very good. I don’t mind admitting it, either. I’m sort of a casual hardcore gamer. I play games to relax and kick asses, not to get pwned by Russian tweens.

And as I have recently discussed, I have strong feelings for the original Quake, its lore, monsters and overall Lovecraftian theme. So when I saw an interview today from Lore Hound, in which an id staffer mentioned the Champions will at least give a nod to the original Quake lore (he even used the word “Lovecraftian”) I perked up. Plus, the introduction of a sort of semi-class system will probably let me play according to my personal style and maybe help me to not suck as much. Maybe.

Yeah, so. As far as I can tell, we still aren’t going to get to fight any Shamblers. But the maps are themed around elder gods and each champion has a story to explain their place in the lore. So that’s something. Surely they will throw in a handful of shamble statues for me to admire. Will it be enough to make me love Quake again? I may find out sooner than I’d hoped!

Go sign up!

Closed beta for Quake Champions starts in a couple of weeks. You’d better believe I’ve already signed up. If you read this in time, you can sign up over at Bethesda’s page.

Happy fragging everyone!