So Artix Enterainment LLC. has released their game AdventureQuest 3D into Open-Beta.

So we start at the introduction that has gotten a complete revamp. A lot more work  was put into the game's development than was first imagined and the work as shown on the screenshots here were stunning and well done. The people at Artix Entertainment LLC. Never did lose their sense of humor. Still an amazing feat of creating such a game in such a short amount years.



This means it is available to all players and is later also available in your GooglePlay and AppleShop. The game has gone live yesterday on Steam for both PC/Mac. And in an hour the game has gotten over 2,500 players running around the two first opened servers: Red Dragon and Blue Dragon. Making it amongst the biggest achievements gained for their company. What future developments are coming in? Mogloween, their version of Halloween, will be the next release. but here is a short summarized list of what was added.

New Dungeon.

The game has a new dungeon, where you will fight the Skeletal Lord in the DoomWood Tower, but before being able to get there some floors of monsters that are no pushovers. And some mini-bosses along the way. The game dungeon is requiring levels 14-15 to participate. Since the dungeon has quite the policy of mass overkilling players. Giving the best and most challenging experience.