Okay it has been some time since i made a review, but let's have it about Game321.com.

A well respected and adored gaming community of gamers playing various games in a context of different games. Yet everyone wants to know how is it they make games that are either great or difficult to play with. This review is not about the history, but about the the options you have with Game321 also known as Ngames and their counterparts, like R2Games as an example. For those still wanted to know what Game321.com or Ngames for short stands for? Scroll to the bottom of the review.



The Login System


Game321 or NGames, has a excellent login system where you have a login mode for nickname and password, this enables after signing in the page to reload showing you your status of being logged in. After logging in there are alot of options, there is a whole list of games to play. There is customer support, to find help with certain games and/or report bugs and glitches, is your question not there you can easily submit a ticket. Where one of the personel will contact you again in due time.


Membership Payment

The game is free-to-play (F2P).